In accordance with Federal Regulations (34 CFR §668.43) for Daytona State College to offer online courses and degrees in states other than Florida, the college has to obtain approval/exemption/licensure in each state. The college has to show the U.S. Department of Education that the college has made a “good faith” effort to obtain approval in each state it offers online classes. If you are a current student, live in Florida, in the military, or otherwise physically live in another country or in one of the Authorized States below you can take online/distance learning courses from Daytona State College.

SARA – the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement – is an agreement between member states, territories and districts of the United States of America. As of July 2019, 49 states (all but California), the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have joined SARA. SARA provides a voluntary, regional approach to state authorization of postsecondary distance education. SARA member states assume the principal responsibility of ensuring that SARA policies are followed by the institutions they approve to participate in SARA – policies designed to result in high-quality distance education offerings being available to students around the country. Institutions approved to participate in SARA enjoy a streamlined approach to securing approval to offer distance education/online programming in SARA member states.

Students can search SARA Source, which is the NC-SARA searchable catalog of distanceNC-SARA logo education programs.

Important Note for Prospective Students: If you are considering an academic program that leads to a professional license or certification in your state, it is highly recommended that you first seek guidance from the appropriate licensing agency in your home state BEFORE enrolling in an academic program or course at Daytona State College. Daytona State College is unable to guarantee that the program meets all of the requirements in your home state or the state you plan on seeking employment.