Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

What is FERPA?

FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (sometimes called the Buckley Amendment). Passed by Congress in 1974, the Act grants four specific rights to college students. Section 1002.22, Florida Statute, substantially enacts provisions of FERPA as a matter of state law, with minor variations. For details about how Daytona State College implements student record keeping, visit our College Catalog.

Information is also available at the U.S. Department of Education website.

Directory Information

Directory information is the information available about a student that is not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. While FERPA and state law protect the privacy of education records, directory information is not treated as confidential and may be disclosed by the college without student consent unless the student requests non-disclosure. The Daytona State College directory information includes:

  • Student’s name
  • Major field of study
  • Dates of attendance
  • Degrees, honors and awards received