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Tuition & Fees

DSC Has Flexible Payment Options

Financial aid is available to qualified students. Visit the Financial Aid page for details on types of aid assistance offered and how to apply.

Tuition & Instructional Fees 2023-2024


In-State Per Credit Hour     

Out-of-State Per Credit Hour

Associate of Arts & Associate of Science Degree Programs

     Tuition $79.22 $311.18
     Financial Aid Fee 3.86 15.46
     Technology Fee 3.86 15.46
     Student Activity Fee 7.72 7.72
     Capital Improvement Fee 7.72 48.83
     TOTAL $102.38 $398.65

Vocational Certificate Programs

     Tuition $68.53 $276.09
     Financial Aid Fee 6.85 27.41
     Technology Fee 3.43 13.71
     Capital Improvement Fee 3.43 11.75
     TOTAL $82.24 $328.96

Baccalaureate Degree Programs

     Tuition $91.79 $550.43
     Financial Aid Fee 4.50 4.50
     Technology Fee 4.50 4.50
     Student Activity Fee 9.00 9.00
     Capital Improvement Fee 10.53 54.86
     TOTAL $120.32 $623.29

Adult Education & Applied Academics Programs

$30.00 $30.00

Continuing & Workforce Education Programs

Fees must cover full
cost of instruction.
Fees must cover full
cost of instruction.

Other Fees

Application Fee - International students only $50 / first semester only
Application Fee - Domestic students $15 / per application
Assessment Fee $34 / first semester only
Access Fee $1.28 / credit hour
Laboratory Fees - varies by course $2 - $1,506
Distance Learning Course Fee $15 / credit hour
Testing Fees $10 - $80*
Returned Check Fee Per F.S. 832.08 - minimum $25
Transcript Fee $5 / transcript
Graduation Fee (non-refundable) One time charge per tier
     High School and Certificate Tier $15 
     Associate and Baccalaureate Tier $25

*There may be additional testing fees charged by the test publisher, which the student pays directly to the publisher.

Explanation of Charges

Tuition and fees are subject to change based on legislative action and/or at the discretion of the District Board of Trustees. Please check Falcon Self-Service for your current balance.

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  • Access Fee

    Access Fee

    The $1.28 access fee is assessed to all registered students on a per credit hour basis. This fee offsets the cost to provide access to: the student portal, email systems and student IDs.

  • Assessment Fee

    Assessment Fee

    This is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $34 assessed to all students the first semester of enrollment at Daytona State College. The fee is intended to offset the cost of purchasing and proctoring tests, evaluating placement test scores and evaluating transfer coursework.

  • Distance Learning Course Fee

    Distance Learning Course Fee

    Online course fees of $15 per credit hour are assessed to students registered in online courses and offset virtual college costs such as multimedia servers, bandwidth costs, licensing fees and instructional technology software. Other Web-enhanced courses are assessed a $24 lab fee per course.

  • Application Fee

    Application Fee

    This is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $50 for international students and $15 for domestic students.


  • Laboratory Fees

    Laboratory Fees

    Lab fees are assessed to recover the additional costs associated with a course above the routine cost of providing instruction. The fees vary by course and range from $2 to $1,506.

  • Graduation Fee

    Graduation Fee

    This is a non-refundable fee, which is assessed per academic tier completed. High School and Certificate fees are $15 per degree and Associate and Baccalaureate fees are $25 per degree. These fees offset the costs associated with conferring a degree and issuing a diploma or certificate.

  • Tuition Fees - Florida Resident


    Tuition Fees - Florida Resident

    Tuition fees are assessed to all students per credit hour of coursework.
    Our Florida resident per credit tuition fees are as follows:

    • Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and College Preparatory Programs – $102.38/credit
    • Vocational Certificate Programs – $82.24/credit
    • Baccalaureate Degree Programs – $120.32/credit

    Florida resident per credit tuition fees include the following:

    • Financial Aid Fee: These funds assist students who demonstrate absolute need, or who participate in athletics and other extracurricular programs as determined by the District Board of Trustees.
    • Student Activity Fee: These funds support student activities, organizations, publications and events that benefit the entire student body.
    • Capital Improvement Fee: These funds support capital projects such as new construction and major renovations.
    • Technology Fee: These funds are used to enhance instructional technology resources (i.e. software, hardware, connectivity) for students and faculty.


  • Tuition Fees - Full Cost

    Tuition Fees - Full Cost

    Florida statutes require the assessment of full-cost charges when a student repeats a course for the third or fourth time. The full-cost assessment is the equivalent of the non-resident tuition fee for college credit courses, college prep courses and baccalaureate courses

  • Tuition Fees - Non-Resident

    Tuition Fees - Non-Resident

    These charges are assessed to students who cannot document legal permanent Florida residency per state of Florida guidelines.

    Our non-resident per credit tuition fees are as follows:

    • Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and College Preparatory Programs – $398.65/credit
    • Vocational Certificate Programs – $328.96/credit
    • Baccalaureate Degree Programs – $623.29/credit

    Non-resident per credit tuition fees are comprised of the same fees listed above for Florida resident tuition.