Welding Technology

Your Path to Success in Welding!

The Welding Technology program at Daytona State College provides a comprehensive overview of the welding industry and the most common manual and semi-automatic welding processes.

The program includes classroom lectures and hands-on welding practice. You will begin by learning about safety and oxy-acetylene welding and cutting basics, then progress to SMAW (stick) welding using 6010 and 7018 electrodes.

Throughout the program, you will learn plasma arc cutting, carbon arc gouging, fabrication techniques, and how to interpret welding blueprints. As the course continues, students dive into semi-automatic wire-fed processes such as FCAW-S, FCAW-G, GMAW-S, GMAW-P, spool gun aluminum, and push-pull aluminum welding.

The program concludes with GTAW (TIG) welding, allowing students to refine their skills in welding carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel using the GTAW method. Dedication to practice and hard work are needed to succeed in class, and daily attendance is mandatory.
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