What is Army ROTC?

Founded in 1916, Army ROTC has produced over half a million Lieutenants for America's Army. It remains the broadest avenue for men and women seeking to serve as officers in America's Army. An Army officer is a prestigious professional who serves as a leader of the most respected institution in America.

As a student at Daytona State College, the Army ROTC program allows you to gain the experience to become a United States Army Officer while in college. Upon successful completion of the ROTC program and graduation from college, cadets are commissioned as officers in the U.S. Army. They can choose to serve in either the Active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard, depending on the needs of the Army and their personal preferences. Officers in the Army lead and manage soldiers in various roles, ranging from combat arms to support and administrative positions. 

Participating in Army ROTC can provide numerous benefits, including leadership development, discipline, physical fitness, and financial assistance. It can also offer opportunities for specialized training, scholarships, and internships. ROTC graduates often find themselves well-prepared for successful military careers or civilian professions that value leadership and problem-solving skills.

Eagle Batallion

What is the Eagle Battalion?

Daytona State College is one of four schools included in the Army ROTC Battalion hosted by Embry-Riddle. These other schools include Stetson University and Bethune-Cookman University. The Eagle Battalion has been recognized with multiple awards since the start of the 22-23 school year to include:

  • 6th Brigade Commissioning Award
  • 6th Brigade Highest Cadet Summer Training Scores Award
  • 6th Brigade Social Media Award
  • 6th Brigade Scholarship Processing Award
  • 6th Brigade Ranger Challenge 1st Place 
  • 6th Brigade MacArthur Award Winner
Scholarships and Stipends

Scholarships and Stipends

The Army ROTC Scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible students accepted into the Army ROTC program. The scholarship aims to support students' college education while preparing them to become future officers in the U.S. Army. Here are some ways Army ROTC provides tuition assistance for Daytona State College:

  1. Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP): The SMP allows Army ROTC cadets to participate concurrently in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve while in college. This program can provide financial assistance through the Reserve or National Guard, including tuition assistance, drill pay, and other benefits.
  2. The 4-Year Army ROTC National Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship offered by the United States Army to high school seniors who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential, academic excellence, and a strong desire to serve as an officer in the U.S. Army. This also allows Cadets to choose from Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard.

The benefits that come along with these scholarships include:

  1. Tuition and Fees: The scholarship covers full or partial tuition and mandatory fees at the college or university where the recipient is enrolled. It can significantly alleviate the financial burden of college expenses. OR Room and Board: In addition to the tuition, fees, and stipend, some Army ROTC Scholarships also cover room and board expenses for on-campus housing or provide a designated housing allowance.
  2. Book Allowance: Cadets receive an annual book allowance to help offset the costs of required textbooks and other educational materials.
  3. Monthly Stipend: Scholarship recipients receive a monthly stipend for living expenses. The amount varies depending on the cadet's academic year: first-year students receive a lower stipend, while sophomores, juniors, and seniors receive progressively higher stipends.
  4. Leadership Training: Scholarship recipients participate in the Army ROTC program, which includes leadership training, military science courses, and physical fitness training. They have the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills and gain practical military experience.
  5. Guaranteed Commission: Upon successful completion of the Army ROTC program and graduation from college, scholarship recipients are guaranteed a commission as an officer in the U.S. Army. This means they have a pathway to start their military career as a leader and manager of soldiers.
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No Obligation with the U.S. Army until you sign

Army ROTC also offers a college elective option known as the Basic Course, which allows students to try out the program for up to two years without any obligation to join the Army. This elective option is designed for students interested in exploring the Army ROTC program, learning about leadership, and experiencing the military environment before committing.

The main benefits are:

  1. No Obligation: Students who enroll in the Basic Course have no obligation to join the Army or continue with the Advanced Course after two years. It allows them to explore the program and decide whether to pursue a career as an Army officer. 
  2. Basic Course Curriculum: The Basic Course curriculum consists of military science classes, physical fitness training, and leadership development activities. These courses introduce basic military skills, leadership principles, and teamwork.
  3. Eligibility: The Basic Course is open to all college students, regardless of their academic major. It's typically taken during the first and second years of college.
  4. Benefits: While there is no financial obligation or scholarship associated with the Basic Course, students may still be eligible for some benefits, such as physical fitness training, leadership development, and opportunities for internships or specialized training.
  5. Transition to Advanced Course: At the end of the two-year Basic Course, students who demonstrate potential for future leadership and meet the necessary criteria can compete for entry into the Advanced Course. If they choose to continue, they may be eligible for financial assistance through scholarships and monthly stipends.


By offering the Basic Course as a college elective, Army ROTC allows students to gain valuable leadership skills, military knowledge, and a taste of the Army experience without making a long-term commitment. It will enable students to decide on their interests and suitability for a career as an Army officer.

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Get Ahead of Your Peers

Graduate with a guaranteed career as an Army Officer. Get 100% tuition coverage plus other monetary support for books and living costs. It's part of your college curriculum and includes training and one-of-a-kind experiences. 

Specific to Daytona State College, 2nd Lieutenant Dai-Lanh Phan, the first Army ROTC Scholarship Cadet in the history of Daytona State College, was commissioned on May 6, 2023, into the Florida National Guard. He is a Signal Officer assigned in Jacksonville, FL. He was also offered a contracting job back to Army ROTC as a Military Science Instructor. He earned both his Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management at Daytona State. 

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