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About Us

At the Charles M. Curb School of Emergency Services, we train our community's law enforcement, corrections, fire and EMS professionals. From initial training to
in-service and specialized training, the Charles M. Curb School of Emergency Services provides the best in public safety training.

In addition to initial certification training programs in police, corrections, fire and EMS, the Charles M. Curb School of Emergency Services, offers Advanced Training and College Degree programs to enhance your career. Our degree programs are available online to help you schedule classes when you need them.

Located at the Advanced Technology College, the Charles M. Curb School of Emergency Services, is the key to your career in public safety. Click on the menu on the left to choose your area of interest.

Equivalency of Training

DSC is authorized by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to approve training
exemptions for out of state, federal and inactive Florida law enforcement & correctional
officers pursuant to Florida Administrative Code 11B-35.009. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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Fire Fighter graduate each year from our program.


EMT & Paramedic graduate each year from our programs.


Active Law Enforcement & Continuing Education training students each year.

Louie Mercer - Class of '78

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Looking for a career in public safety?

The Charles M. Curb School of Emergency Services is where you need to start. Whether its Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire or EMS, your future starts here. We have many classes starting throughout the year, and you don't need to be hired by a public safety agency to enter our courses.
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Already in law enforcement?

Equivalency of Training (EOT)

The EOT course is designed for out-of-state, federal, and previously certified Florida officers to obtain Florida certification. Officers will be exempt from having to complete the full basic recruit academy. Instead, they will complete a condensed version of the basic recruit training to become eligible to take the State Officer Certification Exam and start the process to become a Florida certified officer.

Please contact us to see if you qualify before submitting your application packet and fee (application fees are non-refundable).

Evan Doyle, Program Manager
(386) 506-4113


We're here for faculty, too. Here is some helpful information: