Appeal Forms

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Equity Grievance

Cerese Ramos
Vice President of Student Development & Student Equity Officer

Wetherell Center (Building 100), Room 210C
(386) 506-3840

Tanika Clemons
Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Employee Equity Officer & Employment Title IX Coordinator
Wetherell Center (Building 100), Room 303L
(386) 506-4473

The college’s student equity policies and procedures are described in detail in the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the Handbook. Students with concerns that they have been subjected to discrimination or harassment should contact the College’s Equity Officer.


Other Appeals/Complaints 

Enaris Inman
Student Advocate
New Smyrna Beach/Edgewater Campus
Student Services Center (Building 1), Room 131
(386) 423-6301

You are encouraged to pursue an informal resolution to matters whenever possible by bringing your concern to the attention of the person or office where the situation arises. Informal policies and procedures may vary based upon the nature of the complaint. If dissatisfied with the response, you should contact the appropriate area supervisor, director, department chair, or administrator.  

If a concern cannot be resolved through informal means, you may file a formal written complaint with the Student Advocate. Distance Learning students must follow the same procedures.