Daytona State College wants to help you be ready for the Spring 2022 semester from the first day of class. Daytona State College Bookstores proudly offer the DSC ACCESS program which provides all required digital course materials at a substantial discount on or before the first day of class. DSC ACCESS is a powerful program that enables the quick and easy delivery of digital course materials as part of your course tuition and fees charges. There are no extra steps to complete. You’ll be automatically enrolled in DSC ACCESS when you register for participating courses.  

As a participant in the DSC ACCESS program, you'll enjoy many benefits which include: 

  • Significant savings on digital course material costs
  • Early access to your required course materials
  • Ability to easily manage and utilize all of your digital materials
  • Reduced stress during the purchasing process 
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  • How do I know if my class is part of the DSC ACCESS program?

    If you register for a course participating in DSC ACCESS, you will receive an email outlining the program.  You will also be able to identify the participating classes through the class notes in your course.

  • How do I get my course materials?

    BryteWave is the company that delivers many of the digital course materials options.

    • For courseware with codes: You will receive an email from the bookstore, with the subject line "your digital materials have arrived." The email will contain a link to your BryteWave Bookshelf which is used to deliver your digital course materials and your access code. The courseware access code will be available when you open the book on the shelf, and the link button will take you to your course’s Falcon Online login page in order to redeem your courseware code.

    • For ebooks: You will receive an email from BryteWave Redshelf which will contain an activation link. You will only need to confirm your DSC email to get into your bookshelf. From there you will set up a password for that account, and then you will see the book on your shelf. If you cannot find the link in your email, you can also go to

    • For courseware that do not require access codes: Your course is using codeless delivery. Every student who is enrolled will be charged the materials fee on their student account. You will only need to click the link from within your course in Falcon Online to register for access.

    Please refer to your course syllabus or your professor to see which type of materials you are using for your course.

    If you have questions or need help with the BryteWave code reveal process, contact the BryteWave Virtual Help Desk 

    BryteWave Student Support Documents BryteWave CourseWare Publisher Instructions Index 

    BryteWave Customer Support 

  • How do I pay for the DSC ACCESS Program?  

    Charges for the DSC ACCESS program will appear on your student account as “Course Materials.”. If you are receiving financial aid, the costs for DSC ACCESS digital course materials will be paid when your tuition and fees are paid. If you are self-paying, you will be paying for your DSC ACCESS digital course materials when you pay for your class.

  • What happens if I decide to opt out?

    If you opt out it is important to understand that you will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate required course materials either through the DSC bookstore or another source.

    For those that choose to opt out of this cost savings program, the bookstore will charge the ISBN national price for the course materials. If you are planning to pay using your financial aid book voucher you will need to complete your purchase by the last date to use a book voucher, January 31, 2022. Contact the Bookstore for details.

    If you decide to opt out of the DSC ACCESS program, you need to complete the Opt Out Form online at the bottom of this page.. The course that you are enrolled in will have the fee for course materials removed. It could take several days for those charges to be removed from your student account.

    The deadline to opt out is January 25, 2022. There will be no refunds beyond that date.

  • How do I opt out or opt back in?

    If you do not want to participate in the DSC ACCESS program, you can opt out by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

    If you have opted out and need to opt back in, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Will I still have access to my course content if I opt out?

    For those students that have activated their DSC ACCESS code and decided to opt out, access to content will be revoked shortly after January 31, 2022. Please make sure to have purchased your textbooks/codes before that date.

  • Is the 14-day free access still available?

    The publisher will continue to provide the 14-day free access as in the past. That option will be available when you first log in the publisher’s Connect site. However, if you activate your DSC ACCESS code instead of the free access and later decide to opt out, access will be revoked shortly after January 31, 2022. There will be no additional free access after that.

  • What happens if I already purchased textbooks or course materials?

    If you have already purchased textbooks or course materials for this course, please contact the DSC bookstore or the source of your purchase to explore your return options and keep the DSC ACCESS or opt out of the DSC ACCESS program before the January 25, 2022 deadline to have the course materials charge removed from your student account.

  • What happens if I drop the course?

    If you drop the course before the posted add/drop deadline, you will not be charged. However, if the course is dropped after the deadline, the student is responsible for all fees associated with the dropped course. You will also still have access to the digital course materials from the DSC ACCESS program.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about DSC ACCESS?

    General Questions 
    Daytona State College Bookstore customer support 

    Phone: 386.506.3234 

    Billing and Payment Questions 
    Student Accounts 

    Phone: 386.506.3024 

  • Who do I contact if I need technical support accessing my digital course materials?

    FalconAid IT Helpdesk 

    IT Helpdesk Email: 

    IT Helpdesk Chat: 

    IT Helpdesk Phone: 386.506.3950 

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