3D model created on a computer using drafting software.

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The Drafting and Design Technology program provides entry-level skills in Drafting and Design Technology for engineering, manufacturing, architecture and related disciplines. Instruction covers the various aspects of engineering and architectural drawings with specific instruction in 2D and 3D computer aided drafting. Solid modeling is emphasized to provide a variety of modes for communicating designs. With the inclusion of general education courses, this certificate can be directly applied toward the Associate of Science degree in Drafting and Design Technology.

Launch your path with a Drafting & Design certificate

career options

  • Drafters
  • Civil Engineers
  • Transportation Engineers
  • Water/Wastewater Engineers
  • Electrical and Electronics Drafters
  • Electronic Drafters
  • Industrial Engineering Technicians
  • Mechanical Drafters
draft done on computer software

Additional Information about the Drafting & Design Certificate