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The School of Mathematics provides students with a foundation of math competencies and critical thinking skills necessary to satisfy the variety of degrees offered by Daytona State College. In addition, upper level math courses are provided to build on this foundation and prepare students for the advanced requirements of scientific and pre-professional course work. Our goal is to provide students with analytical and quantitative experiences that ensure success in their educational and career endeavors.

We invite you to visit any of our six campuses, where our faculty members are ready, willing and eager to assist you in planning, preparing and achieving your educational goals.

The Mathematics Department will provide you with a strong foundation of skills and competencies that are needed to satisfy a variety of degrees, including the AA. If needed, developmental classes are offered to elevate your basic mathematical knowledge to the point where you can successfully complete college level courses. An assortment of quality, college-level courses which transfer to four-year institutions is available for you to choose. A diverse faculty utilize a variety of methods to promote each student’s analytical, quantitative and critical thinking skills needed to ensure success.

To assist in the successful completion of our mathematics courses, we offer a sample college placement assessment [P.E.R.T.] for all beginning students. The strength of the School of Mathematics lies in its faculty diversities, varied instructional techniques, and a dedicated faculty who provided quality instructions in an environment conducive to learning.

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Math Fest - Hosted by the School of Mathematics 

October 27th, 2023              

Join us to discover the world of mathematics and all its creative applications during Math Fest 2023. The Math Fest will be held on the Daytona Campus. 

Attendance is free

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Which mathematics pathways should I take?

The School of Mathematics offers a S.T.E.M. and non-S.T.E.M. pathway. The Mathematics Pathway Guide is a collection or sequence of mathematics courses offered in the School of Mathematics at Daytona State College. It offers clear direction from the program or Meta major to courses that are needed to meet the general education requirements. For more information, click on the Mathematics Pathways Video.

Career Options

  • Cryptographer
  • Actuary
  • Mathematician
  • Economist
  • Statistician
  • Financial Planner
  • Systems Engineer
  • Math Teacher
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The only way to learn mathematics, is to do mathematics.

Paul Halmos Marc D. Campbell, Chairperson, School of Mathematics

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