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Appeals Policies and Criteria

Appeals are meant to address documented extenuating circumstances. They are not an appropriate remedy for failure to pay adequate attention to details about published processes or deadlines or for ignorance of such published material. In order to file an appeal, it is important for a student to follow the appeals process.

The college will accept an appeal in rare situations involving one of the following:

  • Serious Illness/Injury
  • Unforeseen Emergency/Natural Disaster
  • Non-Voluntary Military Activation
  • Death of Immediate Family Member (parent/legal guardian, sibling, spouse, or child)
  • Other Extraordinary Circumstance

Issues involving the following circumstances will not be considered and are not valid situations for requesting an appeal:

  • Child care issues
  • Transportation issues
  • Employment changes
  • Normal pregnancy
  • Incarceration
  • Disagreement with the instructor teaching method
  • Difficulty learning the course material
  • College disciplinary actions and judicial sanctions

To submit an appeal, students must:

  1. Complete a paper or online appeal form for the appropriate department.
    • Financial Aid Appeals: Financial Aid Forms section of our website
    • Residency Appeals: Admissions Office, located in the Wetherell Center (building 100), room 118 on the Daytona campus, attention Admissions Associate Director, or to the Falcon Center on any campus
    • Records and Registration Appeals: Question and Answer Center, located in the Wetherell Center (building 100), room 119 on the Daytona campus or to the Question and Answer/Falcon Center on any campus
  2. Write a personal statement clearly explaining the circumstances surrounding your situation or incident. 
  3. Attach relevant supporting documents from medical providers or other third parties. If you need help writing your personal statement or for more information about appropriate supporting documentation, please click here to review Documents Needed.

The appeal form must be submitted with your personal statement and all supporting documentation by the submission deadline indicated on the appeal form. Incomplete and unsigned appeal forms without the required supporting documents will be delayed or denied. Submit your appeal to the appropriate department, as indicated on the form.

Financial Aid Appeals

Financial Aid Suspension: Students who have received student financial assistance are required, by federal regulations, to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP).  The full policy is listed in the college catalog. To be in compliance a student must earn a grade point average of 2.0 or higher and successfully complete 67% of all courses attempted.  In addition, an aid recipient must complete, or be mathematically capable of completing, their degree within 150% of the normal time frame (credits attempted).  If there were extraordinary circumstances that prevented a student from making satisfactory progress, which will no longer be a factor, an appeal of the suspension may be approved.  A student who has been suspended, then approved for Financial Aid Probation, will be able to change their major only at the time the Academic Plan is completed. Submission deadline for this type of is the first day of class for the semester in question. 

In certain cases, a one-time extension to the 150% rule can be approved, during which time a student is allowed to receive aid only in courses that are needed to complete their current degree or certificate program.  An approved graduation check-down will be required prior to approval of a time limit appeal.  A change of major is not allowed once the 150% or the pace limit has been reached.

Admissions Appeals

Residency: Florida residency status for tuition purposes should be established with the Admissions Office. You may be classified as a Florida resident if you are independent (or your parent, legal guardian, or person in a parental role if you are dependent); a United States citizen, a permanent resident, or other legal status granted indefinite stay; have no legal ties to any other state; have resided and had habitation, domicile, home and permanent abode in the state of Florida for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the first day of the course(s) for which residency is being sought. Residency decisions may be appealed in writing. All appeals will be considered in accordance with 1009.21 Florida Statutes, State Board of Education Rules 6A-10.044 and 6A-20.003, and the Articulation Coordinating Committee’s “Guidelines on Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes.” Appeals will be considered for the semester in which it is received and for any future semesters. Retroactive appeals will not be considered. Submission deadline for this type of appeal is the first day of class for the semester.

Records Appeals

Academic Second Chance: The Second Chance Program, also known as Academic Amnesty, does not apply once a Certificate or a degree (associate or bachelor's) is earned. The program will only apply to additional courses taken toward a separate degree/major. The Academic Second Chance Program can be used only once in a lifetime.  Please see the college catalog for a full description of all Academic Second Chance requirements.  All courses remain on the transcript indicated by “AMN” grade. Students planning to transfer to another college or university are cautioned that the receiving institution may use all original grades earned when computing a GPA for admissions eligibility or for other purposes.  Students must clearly understand that other institutions may not use the Daytona State College GPA for transfer purposes if any type of grade amnesty has been applied. Academic Amnesty does not apply to a student’s financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). There is no official submission deadline for this type of appeal.

College Academic Suspension: Students that drop below a 2.0 grade point average at the end of a term will be put on Alert, Warning, Probation, and then Suspension status (taking four semesters). Students placed on suspension and are required to stop enrollment for one major semester. Suspension is a serious situation that warrants careful examination of the causes and a plan of action to eliminate the possibility of reoccurrence with the students’ progress in the future. Students can appeal a suspension based upon extraordinary, one-time event/circumstance during their probationary (previous) semester. The event/circumstance should not affect academic success in the future. If a suspended student wishes to return, he/she may submit an appeal requesting reinstatement to probation. If granted approval, the student is required to meet with the Academic Advisor who initially approved the students’ previous probation status to review and once again develop a prescriptive program before the student is allowed to register. The returning student will remain on probation and his/her status will be reviewed at the end of the semester. Submission deadline for this type of appeal is before the add/drop period of the semester in which the student wishes to return.

Formal Grade Change: Students who believe a faculty member has issued an incorrect grade(s) based on written documentation may seek recourse through the Informal Grievance Process as outlined in the Student Handbook. The College provides an informal procedure to assist faculty and students in resolving grade disputes. Faculty are authorized to issue grades based on their assessment of the student’s level of performance, participation, quality, and quantity of work. If the student and faculty cannot agree during the informal process, the student may submit a formal grievance that is forwarded it to the appropriate Associate Vice President to review and render a decision. Submission deadline for this type of appeal is thirty (30) calendar days after the end of the semester the course(s) was taken.

Grade change from “F/FN” to “W”: Students who register for a class and do not withdraw, or for students who cease attending a class, usually receive an “F” or an “FN” grade depending on the last date of participation.  In cases with documented major extenuating circumstances, the college may approve an appeal requesting the grade of “F” or “FN” be changed to a “W” with the permission of the instructor and/or department chair.  Appeals of this nature may be forwarded to the academic area for review and action. Students who have received financial aid will be reviewed to insure all federal Title IV refund regulations are applied based upon the grade and last date of attendance previously reported by the faculty member. Submission deadline for this type of appeal is the last day of the semester of the next major semester after the course(s) was taken

Registration Appeals

Administrative Drop: Daytona State College indicates in the Academic Calendar the last day to drop from a course(s) to receive a refund. A request to drop a course(s) will be considered only in the event of documented major extenuating circumstance and indicate a serious personal situation that prevented the student from completing and/or dropping the course(s) by the add/drop deadline.  A student who has been disbursed financial aid will owe a repayment resulting from the recalculation of enrollment status. If the appeal results in a drop from all courses, a student will be subject to the federal refund formula calculations and/or the requirement that all financial aid funds be returned.  In most cases, the result will be a balance due for tuition and fees. A student who received a financial aid refund, a book voucher, or a book deferment will have to return all funds disbursed prior to the drop being processed if the appeal is approved.  Please verify with Financial Aid the impact on your request prior to submission. Submission deadline for this type of appeal is the last day of the semester in which the course(s) was taken.

4th (Final) Attempt: Per Florida Administrative Code 6A-14.0301, the State of Florida does not allow a student to enroll into a college preparatory course or college credit course at the same institution a fourth time unless an appeal is approved due to documented major extenuating circumstances that occurred during the third attempt. Students will be assessed 100 percent of the full cost of instruction (equivalent to non-Florida resident tuition charges) on the fourth attempt. There is no appeal for the reduction of cost for a fourth attempt and students are not permitted to withdraw. A fifth attempt is not allowed under any circumstance. Submission deadline for this type of appeal is before the end of the add/drop period of the semester in which the course(s) will be taken.

In-State Tuition for 3rd Attempt: Students are permitted to enroll into the same college preparatory course or college credit course a maximum of three (3) times at the same college or institution (a withdraw also counts as an attempt). Students will be assessed 100 percent of the full cost of instruction (equivalent to non-Florida resident tuition charges) on the third attempt unless the college grants a one-time exception to the student due to documented major extenuating circumstances during the second attempt, or financial hardship (including need-based financial aid eligibility) for the semester in question. Students may not withdraw from a third or fourth attempt and will receive a letter grade other than “W.” Submission deadline for this type of appeal is before the end of the add/drop period of the semester in which the course(s) will be taken.

Late Withdrawal: Daytona State College indicates in the Academic Calendar the last day to withdraw from a class without grade penalty. Once this date has passed, the student must receive a grade as determined by the instructor. The issuance of a “W” grade for a withdrawal after the deadline can be approved only if there are documented major extenuating circumstances that warrant a variation of the standard policy. Appeals of this nature may be forwarded to the academic area for review and action. Students who have received financial aid will be reviewed to insure all federal Title IV refund regulations are applied based upon last date of attendance on the Academic Calendar. Submission deadline for this type of appeal is before grades are posted for the semester in which the course(s) was taken.

Other Appeals/Complaints

Administrative Review: Students who are denied an appeal may request an Administrative Review for a final decision by the appropriate Associate Vice President with a formal written request submitted to the Question and Answer Center, located in the Wetherell Center (building 100), room 119 on the Daytona campus.  Please attach to the request for Administrative Review any additional documentation or information not previously presented that would support the appeal request.

Equity Grievance: If you have an equity grievance, there are informal and formal procedures to address your concern. The college’s student equity policies and procedures are described in detail in the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the Handbook. Students with concerns that they have been subjected to discrimination or harassment should contact the College’s Equity Officer.

Formal Complaint: You are encouraged to pursue an informal resolution to matters whenever possible by bringing your concern to the attention of the person or office where the situation arises. Informal policies and procedures may vary based upon the nature of the complaint. If dissatisfied with the response, you should contact the appropriate area supervisor, director, department chair, or administrator.  

If a concern cannot be resolved through informal means, you may file a formal written complaint with the AVP of Student Development or the Student Advocate. Distance Learning students must follow the same procedures.

For more information, email Appeals at the Question & Answer Center at If you're a current student, please email from your student email account, make sure you include your name, student ID number and any associated information in your email. This will insure you get a response in a timely manner. 

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