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All faculty members at Daytona State College must receive adequate training to use our learning management system (LMS) named Falcon Online. The LMS training courses provides an overview of both technical and pedagogical best practices. Faculty who in any modality must take Falcon Online Training (FOT), which is a 9-hour fully online asynchronous course and is required for all full-time and part-time faculty members. Faculty who teach hybrid classes must complete 12 hours of LMS training, which includes the Falcon Online Training (FOT) and Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI). All faculty members who teach in the fully online modality must complete the full 45-Hour online faculty training series, which includes the initial 12 hours of LMS training. Scroll further down this page for additional details about the 45 hour online faculty training series, as well as more information about the LMS training classes.   
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Online Faculty Training Series

Faculty who teach fully online classes are enrolled in a 45 hour online faculty training series. This training is the result of a concerted effort to address success gaps in online versus face-to-face classes, support the development of knowledgeable and innovative faculty, and ensure a high quality online educational experience for students.

This 45-hour training is required for all faculty (full time and adjunct) who teach fully online classes for college credit. Faculty will have 2.5 semesters to complete the training series. Upon completion of the required 45 hours, faculty will be compensated for completing this series at a non-instructional rate ($20 hr/$900 total). Faculty who have already taken parts of this series will not need to retake classes and will still receive the full 45- hour stipend.

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LMS Training

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  • Falcon Online Training (FOT)
    • Provides basic learning management system instruction.
    • Fully online training (9 hours).
    • All online assignments and assessments for this course must be verified as successful before a certificate of completion will be issued.
    • All faculty are required to complete this course.
  • Regular & Substantive Interaction (RSI)
    • This course defines the federal guidelines for substantive interaction.
    • Demonstrates ways to include regular and substantive interaction using various tools in Falcon Online.
    • All hybrid & online faculty are required to complete this course.
  • Universal Design for Learning/Accessibility (UDL/A)
    • Provides a set of principles that will ensure all individuals have equal opportunities to learn.
    • Complete hands-on activities learning and applying universal design principles.
    • Fully online training (7 hours).
    • All online faculty are required to complete Universal Design for Learning/Accessibility Training.
  • Learning Objectives & Alignment (LOA)
    • Learn how to write measurable Module Learning Objectives (MLOs) using Bloom's Taxonomy and ensure the alignment of your course components using the course map template.
    • Fully online training (2 hours).
    • Peer Review Committee members & Course Representatives are required to complete LOA Training.
    • All online faculty are required to complete LOA Training.
  • Faculty Toolset (FTS)
    • Create, manage, and distribute quality screen-cast video content to our students, which meet accessibility requirements.
    • Learn how to use a script template.
    • Learn live video capture concepts and become a novice videographer.
      Capture live events and informational sessions to embed into online courses.
      Topics include preproduction steps, camera usage, lighting, and audio capture techniques.
    • Fully online training (5 hour).
    • All online faculty are required to complete the Faculty Toolset.
  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR)
    • Learn about the underlying principles behind the nationally acclaimed Quality Matters (QM) Rubric and the critical elements of the QM quality assurance process.
    • This training must be completed within a two week time period.
    • Fully online training (20 hour).
    • All online faculty are required to complete the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric.

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