The Lady Falcons Hit the Pavement for a Good Cause

Color Run

The Lady Falcon Volleyball Team rose early Saturday morning to participate in the Daytona Beach Color Run over the weekend. This run provided the Lady Falcons an opportunity to give back, as well as, enjoy quality team time together.

The Daytona Beach Color Run was established to raise funds for The BASE Camp in Winter Park, FL. The Winter Park BASE Camp was established in 1982. Since its conception it has been helping educate and support families of children suffering with a childhood cancer.

The Lady Falcons supported a similar foundation this fall, the Eli Foundation. Each shares a similar methodology of helping the families endure this scary, unfamiliar time. The Color Run provided the Lady Falcons an additional avenue by which to provide financial contributions and awareness to the families of these ailing children.

After completing the 5K, which included the International Speedway Bridge, the run culminated with a Color Party at the finish line. This is where things got a little messy for the Falcons. The Lady Falcons bonded over an amazing cause.