Community Outreach

Womens Basketball

One of the mottos of the women’s basketball program at Daytona State College this season is “We Want MORE.”  No, this phrase doesn’t only apply to a few pesky elementary students in some of our favorite AT&T commercials, but rather applies to a group of young women who want to make a difference and give back to the local community. 

One key way the Women’s Basketball program has lived up to this mantra and is making  a difference in the community is by hosting Boot Camp training sessions for basketball players at the middle and high school level.  Each Saturday during the month of September, the players had an opportunity to find out what it takes to compete at the next level. 

Each week provided participants with an opportunity to work on different skills.  Weeks one and three emphasized defensive footwork and agilities, while weeks two and four emphasized offensive footwork, go-to/counter moves, and shooting.   Local players were able to participate in various drills, stations, and competitions with the lady falcons.  Participants received one-on-one instruction from Head Coach, Cal Cochran and Assistant Coach, Brittany Young. 

This was truly a great experience for everyone involved.  The team will host Spring Boot Camp sessions beginning April 2014.  In addition to Boot Camp, the Lady Falcons will be hosting additional camp and clinic opportunities throughout the spring and summer of 2014.  DSC Lady Falcons “Explosive Guard” Camp and DSC Lady Falcons “Big Girl” Post Camp are just two opportunities that area female basketball players can participate in alongside the Lady Falcons team.   The team will also be hosting a basketball league for high school and AAU programs. All dates and times will be posted in the near future on the Daytona State Women’s Basketball website.