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Italy - May 2013

The Gelato Shovel - Blog by student Christopher Adams to document his experience, which also served as his final project for the program.

Distinti Saluti - Blog by student Heather Beam to document her experience, which also served as her final project for the program.

Rome in its Reality - May 2012

Kelsey Connor, Daytona State College student“Passing the ruins and the capitol building, we turned a corner and there it was, the Roman Coliseum!  I love architecture and buildings so I was practically jumping and screaming with excitement.  One moment you are in a cute little shop or café and the next thing you know you are standing by the Coliseum.  You can’t help but pause and reflect on the history behind such a beautiful piece; what footsteps had once come across that very spot you are standing.  Tomorrow I will finally be inside it!”

Kelsey Connor, Daytona State College student

William Culpepper, Daytona State College student“Today we went to the Vatican, a separate country that lives under its own rules.  Hundreds of thousands of people flock to this place each and every day.   It was defiantly an experience that  I will remember for the rest of my life.  This place is just packed with history and it is hard to soak it all in.  There were paintings, sculptures, mosaics, and even Roman busts.  Every corner of this place is packed with detail and you can take a day to get the experience. “ 

William Culpepper, Daytona State College student

Sera  Lomberk, Daytona State College student“There is nothing more beautiful than the inside of all of these churches we’ve seen so far: San Clemente, San Pietro in Vincoli, etc. But for me, standing in the middle of the Circus Maximus truly opened my eyes and made this whole trip finally seem like reality. I still can’t believe I’m here!” 

Sera  Lomberk, Daytona State College student

Kelly McGehee, Daytona State College student“Today we had to wake up super early because it was a three hour drive to Florence. The country side of Italy was just breathtaking. It was the way I had always pictured Italy to be. We walked directly to the Uffizi Gallery which is one of the primary art galleries in Florence. It was too bad we couldn’t take pictures in the gallery itself because I think I would have run out of memory card space. This museum was astonishing with all of the famous painting by well known artists. Two of my favorite paintings in the museum were the Primavera and the Birth of Venus, both painted by Botticelli.”


Kelly McGehee, Daytona State College student

Kevin  McGehee, Daytona State College student“My favorite part of today was going to visit the Pantheon. Before St. Peters was built the Pantheon had the largest dome in the world and the engineering behind it was fantastic. Commissioned as a temple to the gods of ancient Rome by Marcus Agrippa, the design of the dome is like no other. There is actually a hole in the roof called the oculus which made me wonder “when it rains wouldn't the whole ground be soaked” but it doesn’t because the water actually evaporates before it hits the ground.”

Kevin  McGehee, Daytona State College student

Shirley Norris, Daytona State College student“We examined several works throughout the evening Saint Mary Major Basilica built in the 4th century, the Basilica holds the Tomb of Pope Paul VI. We stopped at the Forum there were ruins of temples, the Basilica of Emperor Trajan, The Altare Della Patria  and the monument to the First King of a United Italy Rome is truly a walking city. I was both tired and curious, but above all, I was determined to keep up with the group.”

Shirley Norris, Daytona State College student

Sean McGehee, Daytona State College student“As we walked down this road, we made our way to the Castel Sant’Angelo. This was a cylindrical castle that had been around since 139 AD. It was really cool looking at all the different sectors inside of the castle, and it kind of reminded me of a very small town. We made our way around the interior of the castle, and then walked up the stairs to get a beautiful and breathtaking view of Vatican City. The sun was currently setting, which made the view even more amazing.”

Sean McGehee, Daytona State College student

William Lighthouse, Daytona State College student

“As I said before, this amphitheater [Coliseum} is absolutely beautiful from the outside, but stepping inside is like going into another world. The structure is almost unbelievable…it was truly an amazing experience to have the opportunity to walk around it and get a sense of what it would have been like to attend a gladiatorial event.”

William Lighthouse, Daytona State College student

Alle Peters, Daytona State College student“The art in the Vatican Museum is unlike another in the world. The ceilings are unbelievable. We analyzed some paintings then we went to the grand finale, the Sisitne Chapel. It is famous for its architecture and its decorations that became an icon of the Renaissance period. It includes works by Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Pinturrichio and others. Today it’s the site of the Papal Conclave, the process by which the Pope is selected. I would love to be there for that ceremony.”

Alle Peters, Daytona State College student

Vincenzo Piazza, Professor of Humanities, Group Leader, Daytona State College“I thought I knew everything of my country, I am Italian, and lived in Rome for 34 years, and yet, traveling with my students, made me realize how much there still is to acknowledge from this eternal city. It was a delight to observe the students as they viewed, touched, learned, acquired knowledge of events and arts that would be otherwise impossible to fully grasp…and this remains my greatest satisfaction.” 

Vincenzo Piazza, Professor of Humanities, Group Leader, Daytona State College

Tour of Italy - May 2010


“It is hard to believe that we're leaving Italy in the morning.  Italia has become a new home, and all of us a new family.  Tomorrow, I will begin my travels back to my old life in Florida.  My home will not see me as the same person that I was when I left.  Italy as taught me so much!  Although I look forward to going home, I feel like a part of me will still be left here in Italy.  Hopefully I will return for it again one day.”

Elizabeth Huijskens

student 1

“Our trip ends in Sorrento and Capri. These are definitely my most favorite places in the world. They are not as rich in art and history as the other places- but it because the landscape is it's own art! It is majestic, the way the cliffs rise up from the ground. And the water is pure blue. So exotic and definitely a great way to end the trip! This trip has been so informative and amazing!”

Chelsie Wehde

student 3

"Thank you Professor Piazza for taking all of us on a trip of a lifetime! There is nothing I would have changed about any of it. We all came together as a family even though some of didn’t know anyone and I came back with a greater appreciation for free water! Ha ha ha. I don’t write everything in detail because sometimes there are no words that can express the thoughts that go through my head as I look back at all of the photos that we all have. Again and again… thank you so very much.”  

Michelle Brown

student 4

"Venice was so beautiful to say the very least. It totally changed what I thought of travel. Before I came here I thought travel was a waste of time and money because I could just look at all these sights in pictures on the internet but from the moment I got off the plane I knew it wasn’t anything like I expected. It was mind-blowing how much a picture can’t capture. A picture on the internet can’t capture the life as it moves. It can’t see what people do in certain situations."

Dakota Wehde

student 5

"Later in the day we visited the University of Rome and were treated by a live showing of music and scenes from Caesar, a Shakespeare play.  I found it very interesting the differences between Roman and American Universities.  Many of the final exams they do are verbal and more of an interrogation, also their foreign language department is a giant computer lab were the students have to log hours to show proof of their education."

Patrick O’Sullivan

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