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Refund Overview
The dates to drop a course with a refund are established for each semester and published in the Academic Calendar and in each semester’s Schedule of Classes. Drop deadlines for “late start” classes can be found at FalconNet Online Services under Online Course Availability or on your Schedule and Fee Statement. Please check the dates carefully. Refunds will not be given after the deadlines.  Students who withdraw from a course will not be entitled to a refund.  In addition, any outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to processing the withdrawal.

Any refund due to the student will be applied to any outstanding obligations before any remaining refund is issued.  In the event of a nonrefundable waiver or scholarship or in the event of a third party sponsorship payment, the student's refund will revert back to the waiver, scholarship or third party.

Refunds for Adult Education, Continuing Education, or Lifelong Learning courses will be refunded back to the original credit card used for payment or will be refunded by DSC check for payments originally received by cash or check.

Students who pay for courses by credit card will be refunded by crediting back that same credit card in approximately 7 to 10 business days following the official drop. Students who pay for their courses by cash or check will be refunded through the Daytona State OneCard process. Each new student will be mailed the Daytona State OneCard when the student registers for classes for the first time.  

To receive a refund, you must activate your Daytona State OneCard at During this process, you will choose between two options for receiving your refund. You may elect to have your refund directly deposited to your Daytona State OneAccount (funds will be deposited within 1 day or less) or you may elect to have your refund deposited to another bank account of your choice (funds will be deposited in 2 – 3 business days). For additional information regarding refunds go to or contact the Office of Student Accounts at (386) 506-3024 to speak to a Student Account Specialist.

Refunds will be based upon the following:

A. College Credit and Vocational Credit Courses

B. Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Courses

C. Adult Education Courses

D. Student Appeals

Stop Payments and Stale Checks
If a student believes he/she was entitled to a refund which was never received, contact the Office of Student Accounts at 386-506-3024 for more information. It may be that a refund is still pending but is unable to be disbursed because the Daytona State OneCard has not been activated. If the refund has not been returned to the College, the only thing needed is for the student to go to to activate the Daytona State OneCard and choose a refund preference.

If the refund was returned to the College because the disbursement period elapsed before the Daytona State OneCard was activated, a student may request to have these funds reissued if they have not been forwarded to the State of Florida Unclaimed Property Division or to one of the U.S. Department of Education Title IV financial aid programs. First, the Daytona State OneCard must be activated. In addition, a request to have the refund reissued must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Accounts.  A refund would then be processed in 7 – 10 business days according to the refund method chosen during the card activation.

Refunds that go unclaimed will be returned to the State of Florida Unclaimed Property Division as required by the State of Florida Unclaimed Property Act or, if applicable, will be returned to one of the U.S. Department of Education Title IV financial aid programs.

For refund checks that were generated and mailed by Higher One, contact Higher One Customer Service at 1-800-663-2929 regarding stop payments.

Students who had a refund check issued by Daytona State that was never cashed, may wish to have a stop payment placed on the original check and to have a new check issued. A Stop Payment Form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Accounts. The Accounting Department will verify that the check was never cashed and reissue a new one if necessary. If it is believed that someone other that the student cashed the check, then the student must contact the Accounting Department at 386-506-3595 to file a Fraud Affidavit.  A check will not be reissued to the student unless the funds are recovered by the bank and re-deposited into Daytona State’s bank account.

Last Updated: 8/27/13