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Club Funding Workshop

Important First Steps:

  • Please provide your email address.
  • Send your email address
  • Handouts are provided at the end of this document.

Workshop Goals

  • Eligibility for Funding
  • Club Funding Procedures
  • Similarities and Differences between Club “6” Funds and Co-Curricular Activities Funds
  • How to Request Co-Curricular Activities Funds

Yearly Documents Required for Continued Funding

  • Updated Officers List
  • Club Charter Renewal
  • Updated Advisor Agreement
  • Updated Club “6” Account Signature Form (Memorandum)
  • Updated Constitution
  • Attendance at Club Funding Workshop

Two Sources of Money

  • Club Funds: Money that your club raised through bake sales, car washes, donations, etc.
  • Co-Curricular Activities Funds: Money that you request from the college.

Similarities: Club Accounts & Co-Curricular Activities Funds

  • Invoices get submitted for all approved purchases
  • Unapproved personal expense and will not be reimbursed
  • Must provide the federal ID number, the SSN, or student ID number of any individual or business in order to pay them.
  • All checks must be made out to Daytona State College
  • Driver’s license number must be on the face of any check to be deposited in a Daytona State account
  • All requests for funding must be received and approved by the Co-Curricular Activities office prior to making the purchase

Differences:Club Accounts & Co-Curricular Activities Funds 

  • Expenditures from Club “6” Account Require Club’s approval (Minutes)
  • Expenditures from Co-Curricular Activities Account Require College Approval (Bruce Cook).
  • Club “6” Account - use a Direct Payment Request Form.
  • Co-Curricular Activities Account – use a Request for Co-Curricular Activities Funds Form.
  • Purchases from Club “6” Accounts ARE NOT tax exempt
  • Purchases from Co-Curricular Activities Account ARE tax exempt
  • Club accounts will be charged for any returned check fees

Budget Request

  • Each Chartered Club in good funding standing will begin the Fall 2016 semester with $500.00
  • Any requests for funding outside of the original $500.00 can only be made after the club has achieved 50 points for the semester

There are No Free Lunches

  • Participate in activities or community service projects totaling 50 points per semester. Must be requested through All-In-One Request Form at least 10 days prior to any on-campus or off-campus activity.
  • Provide Activities report to Co-Curricular Activities each semester documenting projects requested and completed throughout the semester
  • Provide Co-Curricular Activities office with appropriate updates (ie: Club List, Advisor Agreement …)

What to do after July 1?

  • Submit “All-in-One Request for Co-Curricular Activity Form” to SA office prior to making any travel plans or purchases every time.
  • Submit form to S.A. office within deadlines noted in the handbook.
  • Return all invoices to Co-Curricular office ASAP (130/113)

Contingency Funds
New clubs that have not received funding for this fiscal year may apply

  • Complete the New Club Request Forms
  • Please make note, on the form, that your request is for this fiscal year (2016-2017).


  • Club “6” Accounts:
    • Lori Lemoine
      506-3486 Bld. 130, Rm. 110
  • Establish Student Accounts: 506-3486
  • Co-Curricular Activities:
    • Bruce Cook, 506-4417, Bld. 130, Rm. 113
    • Lori Lemoine, 506-3486, Bldg 130, Rm. 110
    • Steven Pruitt, 506-3366, Bldg. 130, Rm. 111
    • Jennifer Thomas, 506-3131, Bldg 130, Rm 113
    • Philip Rogers, 506-2202, Bldg 7- DeLand Campus

Club Handbook:

Club Hub Information:

  • Lenholt Student Center- Bldg. 130, Rm. 107
    • Available for all recognized club officers to conduct official club business
      • Telephones
      • Computers
      • Printing  - max. quantity of 25 (additional copies available through copy center for a nominal fee)

Club Rush Mondays:

  • Sign Up with Lori Lemoine -
  • Ideal Event for Club Fundraisers, recruitment, or to get the word out about up-and-coming club events

Required Documents:










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