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Supervision and Management Foundation Courses (15 Semester Hours)


Business Writing

3 sem. hrs.

This course emphasizes the basics of business writing while reviewing the various kinds of written business correspondence. Students are expected to integrate business decision making and analytical thinking skills into the content. Students must be able to determine solutions to problem-based exercises. PR: ENC 1101 or Equivalent; Business Writing is a prerequisite or co-requisite for BAS courses.


Management Theory and Practices

3 sem. hrs.

This course examines management theory, relevant applications and cases, self-management, teamwork, global awareness, and communication for the development of management competencies. Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Organizational Behavior

3 sem. hrs.

This course is a study of individual and group behavior in organizations. Students will develop an understanding of how organizations can be managed more effectively. Course content includes motivation, group dynamics, conflict resolution, goal setting and rewards, job design, work stress, power/politics, and organizational change and development.  Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Legal, Ethical, and Social Aspects of Business

3 sem. hrs.

This course explores the nature of legal, ethical, and societal environments of business. Emphasis is placed on business’s social, legal, political, and ethical responsibilities to both external and internal groups in business. Topics include corporate social responsibility, legal, political and ethical aspects of business, state and federal laws, contracts, intellectual property, employment law, product liability, safety issues, and environmental regulation.  Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Accounting for Non-financial Majors

3 sem. hrs.

This course addresses the use of accounting information by non-financial managers. Emphasis is placed on the interpretation of accounting information and the language of financial accounting to effectively participate in activities such as planning, investment, control, and managerial decision making.  Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.

Supervision and Management Specialization Courses (23 Semester Hours)


Customer Relations for Managers

3 sem. hrs.

This course examines relationship building for all customers of an organization. The impact of culture and diversity on business relationships, successful negotiation strategies, and promotion of the organization through media relations are discussed.  Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Human Resource Management

3 sem. hrs.

This course is a study of the functions of human resource management including recruitment, selection, benefits and compensation, performance evaluation, development of employees, and formulation of human resource procedures. The strategic role of human resources and current issues will be discussed. Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Introduction to Management Information Systems

4 sem. hrs.

This course provides an introduction to the use of information technology in the business environment. The language, concepts, structures, and processes involved in the management of information systems will be discussed. The course will have an applications component where software will be used to support managerial decision making. PR: ISM 2000, CGS 2100, or equivalent.  Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Leadership Challenges and Supervision

3 sem. hrs.

Discussion and application of leadership theories include skill formation to develop leadership abilities. Team building skills are emphasized to enhance leadership effectiveness. Students learn the importance of visioning in their organizations. Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Strategic Management and Decision Making

4 sem. hrs.

This course emphasizes strategic planning and strategy implementation in an organization. Students learn how to perform internal and external audits, identify problems, formulate goals and objectives, develop action plans, and evaluate the effectiveness of the outcome of the plan. Case studies are used to promote decision-making abilities. Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Operational Decision Making

3 sem. hrs.

This course focuses on operational decision-making management techniques to improve the processes and productivity in organizations. Discussion of quality and outcomes, efficiency, forecasting, work-flow processes, inventory control, design of goods and services, waiting lines, and critical path. Managing a project from beginning to end, including how to identify needs, and define, assign, and track items, is addressed.  Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.


Selected Topics in Management

3 sem. hrs.

Current topics, issues, and trends pertinent to supervisors and managers are discussed.  Co-Reqs:  GEB3213.

Supervision and Management Capstone Course (4 Semester Hours)


Capstone Project in Supervision and Management

4 sem. hrs.

This course focuses on the integration of knowledge, skills, and abilities learned in the program through a capstone project.  Co-Reqs:  GEB3213 OR MAN3353 OR MAN3240 OR BUL3130 OR ACG3024 OR MAN4162 OR MAN4301 OR ISM4011 OR MAN4120 OR GEB4891 OR MAN4504 OR GEB4930.

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