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The Daytona State College SACSCOC initiative

On June 19, 2014, the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) reaffirmed accreditation for Daytona State College. The reaffirmation process included both off-site and on-site reviews by two distinct teams of SACSCOC evaluators to determine the college’s compliance with SACSCOC principles and standards including the development of the college's first Quality Enhancement Plan.

What is SACSCOC?

The SACSCOC Commission on Colleges is the regional body for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the southern United States.SACSCOC Coverage Map

The commission’s mission is to enhance educational quality throughout the region. It strives to improve the effectiveness of institutions by ensuring that they meet standards established by the higher education community that address the needs of society and students.

To gain or maintain SACSCOC accreditation, an institution must comply with the standards contained in the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement, as well as with the policies and procedures of the Commission on Colleges. The commission applies the requirements of its Principles to all applicant, candidate and member institutions, regardless of the type of institution (public, private for-profit or private not-for-profit).

What is reaffirmation?

The reaffirmation process is an accreditation review that officially occurs every 10 years, with an interim five-year review. The process allows Daytona State College to demonstrate that:

  • its mission is appropriate to higher education;
  • it has sufficient programs, services and resources to accomplish and sustain its mission;
  • its educational objectives are consistent with its mission and appropriate to the degrees it offers and;
  • the college is successful in achieving its stated objectives.

Why should colleges undergo reaffirmation of their accreditation?

Reaffirmation fosters public confidence in the institution and its efforts to maintain quality standards, enhance institutional effectiveness and foster student success. The reaffirmation process also provides a basis on which colleges, universities and the public at large can be assured that accredited institutions comply with a common set of requirements and standards. While a private organization, SACSCOC also is entrusted by the US Department of Education to certify that institutions are eligible to receive federal financial aid. 

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The Quality Enhancement Plan is a relatively new element of the accreditation process. By definition, the QEP describes a carefully designed course of action that addresses a well-defined and focused topic or issue related to enhancing student learning. It is an opportunity for Daytona State to build upon its quality and effectiveness by focusing on a single issue the college community collaboratively considers critical to student success. While the SACSCOC study looks at past behavior, the QEP looks at a future course of action.

QEP Director Tom Bellomo has prepared an Executive Summary containing information related to the development and implementation of this initiative.

A more in-depth look at Learn to SOAR is available here.

Institutional Effectiveness Department

The Institutional Effectiveness department provides leadership, support and resources for accreditation. These processes assist the institution in maintaining SACSCOC accreditation and program accreditation, promoting achievement of mission and fostering continual program and service enhancement for the benefit of the DSC College community.

The office is responsible for SACSCOC accreditation correspondence and reports, Quality Enhancement Plan reporting, Substantive Changes and other accreditation and compliance activities.

To comply with our Accountability Standards (64-14.060),which provided a basis for quality improvement and for accountability, external accreditors provide additional oversight of academic program content, quality, and effectiveness, and faculty members play a key role in preparing academic programs for external review by accrediting agencies.

Several academic programs (list of external accrediting bodies), at the college maintain state and/or national accreditations or approval by professional associations or licensing boards. Program coordinators and faculty collaborate to demonstrate that their programs meet the standards of quality established by their respective governing boards or accrediting agencies. All programs with external accreditations develop and implement standards, monitor results and generate reports for their accrediting agencies. All program with external reviews are in good standing, demonstrating the quality of academic programs at Daytona State College.

For more information, please contact

Dr. Thomas LoBasso
(386) 506-3732,

Dr. Karla Moore
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness / SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison
(386) 506-3650,

Dr. Tom Bellomo
QEP Director


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