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Bettye Parham

What are some of your hobbies? Reading, Sewing, Camping, Singing, decorating / staging homes, writing programs.Bettye Parham

What is your favorite book, movie, music, quote, or historical figure?
     - Dave Ramsey books such as “Dumping Debt”
     - Any of Joel Osteen’s Books such as “You Can You Will”

     Historical Figures: Colin Powell. Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, Dr. Grace Murray Hopper and Ada Augusta Love Lace, the world’s 1st programmer

What are the most important skills in a new/potential hire? Soft skills (communicating effectively with others especially in STEM), getting along with others, analytical skills, critical thinking skills and a passion and excitement for learning.

Why is a faculty mentor important and beneficial to students? 
- Help to encourage and support students
- To help engage students in the processes of Learning and Applying STEM to real life / world phenomena situations
- Show them how to celebrate STEM learning
- Share STEM and IT experiences with students.
- Attend STEM seminars and workshops with the students.
- Work on STEM projects together, guiding and providing support to the student in these projects.

Where are you located (campus)? Deland and ATC campuses

What made you want to pursue your education and career in STEM? I love solving problems, designing and outlining details for improving STEM problems. A desire to always improve processes and procedures in STEM propels me to research different topics. I want to be a positive role model for Minority women, men, boys and girls and any one interested in STEM careers. 

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