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Common Registration Restrictions

Why can't I register online?
When attempting to use Web Registration, you may be faced with various restrictions that will prevent you from being able to register. Here are some of the most common reasons why students are restricted from registering for classes.

Placement Requirements
You may get a message that reads " Registration is permitted you have not meet placement. The placement hold means that you have not satisfied minimum English and/or math courses or taken the necessary placement tests for which scores are required. In order to register you must have:

*Evaluated indicates that the transcripts were received by the Daytona State College Records Office and have been processed/evaluated. This process can take a minimum of 3-4 weeks from time of receipt. If your transcripts have not been received and/or evaluated and entered into the computer, you will need to request an override from an Academic Advisor. Dependent upon the transfer institution and course, this may or may not be approved. You are encouraged to determine your status early so that you can resolve any restrictions.

Pre-Requisite, Co-Requisite, Concurrent Requisite

College Preparatory Courses (PREP)
The State has regulations related to requirements if you place into college preparatory or 'prep' math and English courses (MAT0018, MAT0028, ENC0025, and REA0017). For non-exempt students, these are specific regulations that cannot be overridden. For specifics related to these policies, please see COLLEGE PREP REGULATIONS

Faculty Consent/Permission Required
Certain courses or sections of courses are restricted to only students in that major or only to students who have permission from the faculty member or chairperson. If so, you should determine the faculty member's name and look him/her up by selecting the EMPLOYEE SEARCH option. You will need to get a phone number or email to reach them to discuss taken the class. If you cannot locate the faculty member you can contact the chair person for permission.

Other Restriction Messages
When researching a course using COURSE SEARCH, you can click on the class highlighted in blue. This will indicate whether or not there are pre/co-requisite courses and other unique messages specific to that section (i.e. that you must enroll in a lab or other courses). It also will indicate if this is a special section (i.e. accelerated, Honors).

Last Updated: 6/11/14