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Reinstatement Instructions

Reinstatement Instructions


  • Using your FalconMail, contact the Department Chair for the course(s) you wish to be reinstated into (see below for list of Department Chairs).
  • Indicate the course number/section and instructor name, along with your name and student ID.
Example Email: 
SUBJECT – Reinstatement Request
Dear Dr. Fleischman,

I am requesting reinstatement into the following class:
ENC1101/501A, Christopher Danforth

Thank you for your consideration,
Shelly Tambo
Student ID 000000

By submitting your request to be reinstated to the Department Chair, you are agreeing that you acknowledge your understanding of the following:

  • I am requesting to be reinstated;
  • Payment is due immediately after reinstatement, or;
  • The Financial Aid Office has verified eligibility or deferment, or;
  • The Office of Veterans Affairs has verified eligibility or deferment;
  • My instructors are not required to allow me to make up missed assignments;
  • Students who withdraw are not eligible for reinstatement;
  • Reinstatement requests must be made within five business days


Department Chair List

Cosmetology & Barbering
Dee Gay, (386) 506-4452

School of Emergency Services
Sheila Ellison, (386) 506-4201
Early Childhood Education
Cathy Twyman, (386) 506-3113

School of Engineering Technology
Ron Eaglin, (386) 506-4176

Hosseini College of Hospitality Management
Chef Costa Magoulas, (386) 506-3578 

School of Health Careers
Geraldine Rimstidt, (386) 506-3823 
Library Services
Mercedes Clement, (386) 506-2440 

School of Health & Wellness
Will Dunne, (386) 506-4486 

Mike Curb College of Music, Entertainment & Art                
Trent Berning, (386) 506-3276

School of Humanities & Communications
Richard Vollaro, (386) 506-3778 

Benjamin Graydon, (386) 506-3927 

School of Mathematics
Marc Campbell, (386) 506-3520 

School of Behavioral & Social Sciences
Michael Flota, (386) 506-3844 

School of Nursing
Amy Szoka, (386) 506-2081 

School of Biological & Physical Science
Karen Endebrock, (386) 506-4313 

School of Photography
Dan Biferie, (386) 506-3581 

School of Business Administration
Max Nagiel, (386) 506-3829 

School of Student Life Skills
Charlene Latimer, (386) 506-3142 

School of Computer Science and Building
& Architectural Technology
Anindya Paul, (386) 506-4155 

School of World Languages & Speech
Holly Hollins, (386) 506-3716  
School of Dental Sciences
Pam Ridilla, (386) 506-2093 

School of Workforce
Frank Snyder, (386) 506-4205 

School of Education
Amy Ringue, (386) 506-3186

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