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Logging onto: FalconNet, Online Classes, or FloridaShines

Logging onto FalconNet Online Student Services

You can access your grades, transcripts, view degree audit, and more by using FalconNet Online Student Services. In order to access this information, you will be required to login to the MyDaytonaState portal webpage. Please refer to login information below:

For Former/Alumni Students to access FalconNet Online Student Services:

Students who have not attended college for a year or more, go to the ALUMNI MyDaytonaState portal webpage and follow the detailed instructions that are in the middle column to activate an Alumni Login Account. This account will give you access to view your unofficial transcripts, view degree audits, or order official transcripts.

        What if I’m a former student and do not know my Falcon Username or Password?

    • On the Alumni webpage you can click on "Request Access Here!" to activate an Alumni Login Account
    • Enter your information and click SUBMIT  (afterwards, please allow 20 minutes for the system to be updated)
    • Then, retrieve your Username (the prefix of student email, Example: jane_smith).
    • For your Password, enter the Default Password, as indicated on the login screen: the letters "Dsc", your 6-digit birthdate in MMDDYY format, and the last 5-digits of your social security number. Example: Birthdate of January 1, 1990 with a social of 123-45-6789 the password would be: Dsc01019056789. NOTE: the Default Password is case-sensitive
    • International students are advised to contact the Admissions Office for assistance.

        What if I had changed my Password and don't remember it?

    • If while you were attending classes here you changed your password, you can always answer your Security Question to reset your password at any time yourself.

For Current Students to access FalconNet Online Student Services:

Go to the MyDaytonaState portal webpage. Click on the LOGIN button. If this is your first time logging in, then please use the links on there to retrieve your Falcon Username and then enter the Default Password, as indicated on the login screen. Default Password is: Dsc (Capital D, lowercase s, lowercase c)  + Your birthdate in MMDDYY format + the last five digits of your social security number. Example: Birthdate of January 1, 1990 with a social of 123-45-6789  the password would be Dsc01019056789. International students are advised to contact the Admissions Office for assistance. After you have logged in, click on the "Spring/Summer" and then select the "FalconNet" tab from the menu bar to access your FalconNet Online Student Services account. Need information on how to register into classes online? Click here.

        What if I logged into the MyDaytonaState portal but do not see a "FalconNet" button on the menu bar?

    • If you logged-in to the MyDaytonaState portal but do not see a FalconNet tab on the menu bar then this means one of the following:
      1. You were recently admitted to the college. Please try logging in after 1-hour of being admitted.
      2. There is an issue with your Admissions Application. Please contact the Admissions Office regarding your admit status. If everything is resolved, please allow 1-2hrs to pass before re-attempting to log in.
      3. You are a Former/Alumni student. If you do not intend on enrolling into classes, please refer to the directions above for FORMER/Alumni Students. Otherwise, please contact the Admissions Office in regards to re-applying back to the college.

        What if I don't remember my Falcon Username?

        What if I changed my Password and don't remember it?

        What if I forgot the ANSWER to my Security Question?

    • If you do not remember the answer to your Security Question, you may go to any campus Enrollment Service/Question&Answer department, and with identification, have your password reset back to the Default Password (the letters "Dsc", your birthdate in MMDDYY format and the last 5-digits of your social security number = DscMMDDYY*****). Or, please mail or fax a Falcon Password Reset request form (pdf) to the Question&Answer Office in Daytona Beach. We will call you when the password has been reset. NOTE: Telephone and email requests cannot be accepted

        How long does it take for the resetting process?

    • It can be done immediately if you reset the Password yourself or if you come to one of our campus locations. If you send a fax, we try to reset the Falcon Password within 24-hours.

        Creating and Modifying Your Falcon Password

Logging into Online Classes (Falcon Online)

After registering into an online class, there are instructions printed on your Schedule/Fee Statement that informs you to go to the Falcon Online website to access your online class. Before classes start, please follow "The Steps" listed on the Falcon Online website. Be sure to review the "Is an Online Course Right for You?" message to ensure that you are prepared and ready for what is involved in an online class. You will log-in to your class on the date indicated on your Schedule/Fee Statement using the same Username and Password that you use to access your FalconNet Online Student Services account.  

For DSC students Logging into FloridaShines

Florida Shines is a service of the State University System of Florida. There are many areas to access on this site for information on degrees, courses, and to apply to a public Florida institution as a transient student. Definition of a transient student: Daytona State College students currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program who want to take courses at another regionally accredited institution, to apply the credits at DSC to fulfill remaining program graduation requirements. DSC is the home institution, while the other institution is the host institution. Click here for further information.         

  • To apply online as a transient student:

    • Go to website
    • Select "Succeed in College," then click on "Take a Course at Another School"
    • Before continuing, read the detailed message at the top regarding Transient Admission Applications
    • Only after you have read the detailed message, select the link at the bottom to Start (or to check your status) on your Transient Student Application 
    • When the site asks for an ID#, please enter your Social Security Number. Then for password, enter your Falcon Password (the same password you use to login to the MyDaytonaState portal).
    • Complete the online transient form and submit
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