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How to Enroll, Drop, or Withdraw from Classes

All registration and schedule adjustments (adding, dropping, swapping, withdrawing) can be completed online by logging into the MyDaytonaState student portal.

  • Enroll into a class
  • Enroll into a class (Video)
  • Drop a class 
    • *You can “drop” a class with no financial or grade penalty prior to the end of the add/drop deadline that is published in the Academic Calendar; if you drop a class after the add/drop period has ended it will instead be considered a “withdrawal” and you will be charged the entire cost of the course, will receive a “W” letter grade, and it will be considered an attempt. For more detailed information regarding the difference between a Drop and a Withdraw, see below.
  • Swap a class
  • View Enrollment Appointment-(view the earliest date you can enroll into classes for the next following semester). If you want to know how soon you can enroll into classes for the next upcoming semester, you can also view our Enrollment Dates webpage. 

For other "How to" student guides, visit the HELP webpage, which can also be found on the menu bar of your MYDAYTONASTATE account.

  • Dropping from a Course - You may modify your schedule by dropping a 15-week course during the first three days of a major semester, Fall or Spring; or, the first two days of a 7-week subsession or any of the Summer sessions. When you drop a class, it must be done by the add/drop deadline that is published in the Academic Calendar for that semester and subsession. It can be done in most cases via your student portal. In certain instances, you will need permission to drop from a class (i.e. if the course is a pre-requisite to other courses you have scheduled, if it is a required college developmental course, etc.). If you follow the drop process appropriately, you will receive a full refund for the course in approximately 14 days from the drop. If you add another course at the time of the drop and it is equal value in credits (for example, dropping a 3-credit course and adding a different 3-credit course), no refund will take place. The credit will be applied towards the newly added course. You are responsible for any additional costs if courses added amount to more than the original credit load. Failure to pay for additional costs may result in being purged/dropped from your total class schedule.

  • Withdrawal from a Course - When dropping a class after the drop/add period has ended it is considered a Withdrawal. You may withdraw from a course after the add/drop period has ended with no grade penalty, however, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund and must still pay any outstanding balances owed to the college. You will receive a "W" grade for the course when you withdraw. If you wish to withdraw from a course, you can use your student portal until the last date to withdraw. You will not be withdrawn from a class simply because you stop attending it. The withdrawal deadline date is published in the college Academic Calendar. Financial Aid Recipients are encouraged to speak with the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from a course as it can effect current and/or future financial aid eligibility. Students who remain enrolled in courses after the withdrawal deadline has ended will be assigned a final grade for the course from the faculty member. Withdrawals are counted as an attempt for a course, please refer to information below regarding maximum attempts. 
  • Must drop or withdraw by the published deadline for the semester.
  • Students may withdraw from a course any time prior to the final withdrawal date. Students are responsible for the completion of the formal withdrawal process. The withdrawal date deadlines are published in the college's academic calendar. Students who remain enrolled in courses after the final withdrawal date will be assigned a final grade for the course from the faculty. Students who are reported as not attending during the two weeks leading up to the withdrawal date will be administratively withdrawn from the class. A last date of attendance will be reported and used to calculate the return of any Title IV aid (including Pell grant, Stafford Loans, etc.).

  • Students are permitted a maximum of three attempts per course (withdraws are also counted as an attempt).
    • Students wishing to register for a class for the 3rd attempt must contact the registration office in order to register. Upon the third attempt, students will be assessed 100 percent of the full cost of instruction (equivalent to out-of-state tuition) unless the college grants a one-time exception to the student due to extenuating circumstances or financial hardship. Registration for a third attempt on Application forms for an appeal are available at the Question & Answer Center/Enrollment Services department on any campus location or online through the Registration & Records website. Students will not be permitted to withdraw upon their third attempt under any circumstances and will receive a permanent grade other than "W" for that course.
    • If major extenuating circumstances occurred during the third attempt, students are permitted to appeal to take a course a fourth time. Students will be assessed the full cost of instruction on the fourth attempt and will not be permitted to withdraw. There is no appeal to reduce the full-cost assessment on the fourth attempt. All grades from the third and subsequent attempts will be calculated in the student's grade point average. A fifth attempt is not allowed under any circumstances. You can click here to learn more about state regulations associated with withdrawals, grade forgiveness, and the repeat of a course.


For more information, email the Question & Answer Center.

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