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How to Register (Drop/Add/Withdraw) for Classes Online

Daytona State College encourages all students to register and make schedule adjustments (adding, dropping, withdrawing) from classes online. Registering for classes from any Internet location is available 7 days a week. Simply click on the “MYDAYTONASTATE” link that is located toward the top right-hand side of our homepage, 

Log-in to the MYDAYTONASTATE portal webpage by entering your Falcon Username and Falcon Password. If you have not used the MYDAYTONASTATE website before, then click on the LOGIN button that is at the top of that website to retrieve your Falcon Username and then enter the Default Password that is shown. Please note: the default Password is case-sensitive therefore please make sure to type a capitalized “D” and lowercase “sc” in your password.


**Please remember that all bills must be paid or deferred by the due date on the bill to prevent cancellation of your enrollment.


For more information, contact the Registration Office:

Last Updated: 5/28/14