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Holds that affect Registration

What holds will prevent me from registering ?
Some of these may include:

If you receive a message that prevents you from registering into a class due to Registration Restrictions (ex. Placement requirements), please see Registration Restrictions to understand the various restrictions and contact the Registration Office if you should have any questions.

How do I know if I have a hold? Log into the MyDaytonaState portal.
Click on FalconNet and then select Welcome, if you have a hold it will be listed in the middle half of this page.

Can holds prevent me from receiving official transcripts and diplomas?
Yes they can. Be sure to clear any hold prior to ordering official transcripts and applying for graduation.

How can I get the holds resolved?
Please contact the department who placed the hold (ex. Student Accounts Hold, contact the Student Accounts Office). The department will instruct you in the procedures to have the hold lifted.

Last Updated: 3/25/14