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Other Forms of Earned Credit

Daytona State College offers opportunities to earn credit for experience, accepts advanced placement credits and credit through other approved exams/programs. The following descriptions can help you choose which alternative best suits your needs.

*IMPORTANT: If you plan to transfer after leaving Daytona State, check if the transfer institution accepts credits earned through these various other ways to earn credit. Students can earn a maximum of 25 percent of credits needed for their degree or certificate through experiential learning.

Experiential Learning

The Assessment of Prior Learning Experience (APLE) - College credit may be awarded for knowledge gained outside the normal classroom setting, including prior work experience, workshops and seminars, formal or informal classes taken or other documented past experience. Daytona State students may earn credit through the APLE program by completing exams or developing portfolios. (Students can earn a maximum of 25 percent of credits needed for their degree or certificate through experiential learning.)

Credit is provided for experiences which have a theoretical and experiential base related to your course work. Credit is only given for courses offered at Daytona State and is provided for those parts of an AS, AA or BAS degree or certificate which you have mastered. All methods of earning credit must meet equivalent classroom standards (State Rule 6E-2.0041).

APLE, Internal Exam, Portfolio

You must be currently registered in a degree (AA, AS, or BAS) or certificate program at Daytona State. (All credit for courses earned through APLE must be appropriately related to the AS, AA or BAS degree program on record at Daytona State.) APLE exams can only be taken once.

DSC will award credit for APLE, no grade is awarded for credits earned and the credit will not be used to calculate your GPA.

Credit awarded for prior experiential learning shall not exceed 25%of the units required for completion of the program. The maximum number of credits that can be earned through the combined total of transfer, examination or experiential learning is 75% of the degree or certificate program.

Active U.S. military members are excluded from this requirement.

Foreign Language Credit

Credit by Exams for foreign languages not offered at Daytona State College. Students should contact Assessment Services for more information.

Students should have official documentation/exam scores sent to Assessment Services for processing. The Records office will post on student records that student has satisfied foreign language with APLE with no credit earned.

Acceleration Mechanisms

Advanced Placement (AP) - AP credit is granted to students who have the College Entrance Examination Board/AP send official Advanced Placement Test results to the Daytona State College Admissions Office. Required scores to earn credit vary by course. Check with the Records Office for details on specific scores for subject areas. You receive credit, but not letter grades, for courses earned through AP. Earned credits are not computed into your GPA. Contact Daytona State's Records Office for AP requirements and information.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) - The CLEP is the national exam program which offers exams in academic subject matters. Certain scores will result in credit for college courses. (Score requirements vary depending on the institution.) Official CLEP scores should be sent from the College Entrance Examination Board/CLEP to the Admissions Office. If required scores are earned, you will receive credit, but not letter grades for the courses earned through CLEP. Applications, registration materials and test fee information about CLEP are available in Assessment Services Offices on each Daytona State College campus.

International Baccalaureate (IB) - Daytona State awards credit based upon higher level and/or subsidiary level IB exams. Official transcripts and scores should be sent from International Baccalaureate to the Admissions Office. You receive credit, but no letter grades, for courses earned through IB. Earned credits are not computed into your GPA. Contact Daytona State's Records Office for IB requirements and information.

**See Exam Charts for equivalency information

Alternative Learning

Cooperative Education - Students on all campuses have an opportunity to blend traditional classroom education with study-related work experience. Students gain practical experience in the job market and are awarded academic credit for approved training assignments. This credit may be used for the AA, AAS and AS degree or certificate programs. For information, contact the co-op coordinator for the program of study.

Independent Study - This provides in-depth study in selected disciplines. Under special circumstances, it also may be approved for students unable to attend regularly scheduled college credit classes. Students considering this option must identify an area of study with the assistance and approval of an instructor; complete the independent study agreement outlining the project/objectives to be accomplished; and get written approval from both the department chairperson and associate vice president.

Air Force/Army Reserve Officers Training Corp (ROTC) - Daytona State students may register for ROTC courses offered at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. AF ROTC offers two- and four-year programs. Students may complete the first two years of ROTC without military commitment. Elective credit is awarded for these courses. The US Air Force offers ROTC academic scholarships to eligible students. For scholarship information, see the Financial Aid section of the catalog. For information on ROTC, call the ROTC office at Embry-Riddle at (386) 226-6880 

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