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Online/Distance Education Programs

In accordance with Federal Regulations (34 CFR §600.9 and 34 CFR §668.43) for Daytona State College to offer online courses and degrees in states other than Florida, the college OSDL Maphas to obtain approval/exemption/licensure in each state. The college has to show the U.S. Department of Education that the college has made a “good faith” effort to obtain approval in each state it offers online classes. If you are a current student, live in Florida, in the military, or otherwise physically live in another country or in one of the Authorized States below you can take online/distance learning courses from Daytona State College.

Daytona State College (DSC) is AUTHORIZED to offer online instruction in all of the states noted with green stars or in green on the authorized states list. Daytona State College is NOT AUTHORIZED to provide online courses or degrees to students in the states noted with red stars or in red on the NOT AUTHORIZED states list. Even if you currently reside in Florida and your mailing address on file with the DSC Registration Office is in one of the Not Authorized States, you will receive a phone call from DSC staff informing you that your address listed is in a Not Authorized State and you are not allowed by Federal Regulations to take online classes here. Please make sure your address on file with Registration is current and accurate. 

Important Note for Prospective Students: If you are considering an academic program that leads to a Professional license or Certification in your state, it is highly recommended that you first seek guidance from the appropriate licensing agency in your home state BEFORE enrolling in an academic program or course at Daytona State College. Daytona State College will not be held liable if you have not contacted your appropriate state agency prior to enrollment.

*Daytona State continues working to get approval to offer courses in many states in the Not Approved States column and the list will be updated as this occurs. Please check this page regularly to see if DSC is approved to offer courses in your state.  

Last Updated: 5/28/14