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QUANTA Learning Community

The Florida Board of Community Colleges has recognized the QUANTA Learning Community as one of the outstanding academic programs in higher education in Florida.

QUANTA Faculty Members

QUANTA is a learning community where students and faculty work together to share their learning experiences.

As a QUANTA student, you'll work with four faculty members who collaborate in their teaching of critical thinking, cultural arts, social science, and writing courses. You will participate in groups with other students to share your ideas, thereby gaining different perspectives on the topics you study. You'll develop your critical thinking, reading and writing skills, group and leadership skills, and benefit from a flexible learning environment. Through this experience of community, you'll develop a greater sense of involvement with the other students and faculty.

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Eligibility Requirements

You will need to make minimum scores on either the College Placement Test (CPT), SAT or ACT to be eligible to enroll in QUANTA courses. If your scores on these placement tests allow you to register for ENC1101, then you are also eligible for QUANTA. Since the QUANTA classes are designed for the AA degree, we suggest that students who enroll in QUANTA be seeking an AA degree from Daytona State or be undecided in degree path.

QUANTA is a Freshman Experience program, preparing the incoming student to think and write critically across boundaries, work collaboratively in groups, and explore his or her creativity. 

Think Big: Join QUANTA

For detailed program information, please email or call Maggie Karda, Chair of Learning Communities.

Telephone: (386) 506-4219
E-Mail: kardam@DaytonaState.edu

QUANTA Faculty

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