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Dear Applicant:

Effective Fall 2011 the Respiratory Care Program became a two-year Associate of Science (AS) Degree Program at Daytona State College. Respiratory Care practitioners work with patients who may have a variety of lung and/or heart disorders. Although most respiratory care practitioners work in hospitals, other employment opportunities may be available. There are also excellent opportunities in home care and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. Respiratory care personnel perform a variety of therapeutic, diagnostic and patient management duties. Common therapeutic procedures include the delivery of oxygen and other medical gases, aerosol therapy with an ever-growing number of medications, and chest physical therapy. Diagnostic testing may include procedures such as arterial blood gas analysis, pulmonary function studies, and fiber optic bronchoscopy. Students are also trained in the management of mechanical ventilation (commonly referred to as life support systems) and the development of patient care plans for both short term and long-term care.

Individuals who wish to enter this field must enjoy working with people and also must be sensitive to the physical and psychosocial needs of the patient. The respiratory care practitioner must be able to follow instructions, develop critical thinking skills, and be a good team worker. In addition to a thorough understanding of human anatomy and physiology with emphasis on the cardiopulmonary system, a background in science and mathematics is essential to student success. The operation of highly technical and often computer-assisted medical devices requires mechanical ability and a high degree of manual dexterity. Graduates of this program are eligible for credentialing by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) and for licensure in the state of Florida.


  • PSC1121 will no longer be required.
  • PHY1007 + PHY1007L will be required. A higher physics course will also be accepted.
  • RET2350 will be decreased to 3 credit hours.
  • MGF2106 will no longer be accepted. MAC1105 or higher math will be the only math pre-requisite.
  • CHM1025 & CHM1025L will no longer be accepted.
  • MCB1010 & MCB1010L will be required.

These changes will enable the graduate, along with their AA degree, immediate transferability to a BS in Cardiopulmonary Sciences.


Full time faculty:
Melanie McDonough MS, RRT
Misty Carlson, MS, RRT

Clinical Instructors:
Rex Callaway, RN, RRT
Chris Williams, BS, RRT
Trish Morris, MPH, RRT
Crystal Sicowitz, BS, RRT
Melissa Harbord, BS, RRT

Lab Instructors:
Lydia Stelnicki, MS, RRT
Dolly Cavallo, RRT

For additional information you may contact me at (386) 506-3759 or Melissa Brown, Academic Advisor at (386) 506-3052 or


Melanie McDonough, MS, RRT
Assistant Chair/Program Director
Respiratory Care Program

Respiratory Care Program Guide

Frequently Asked Question about Respiratory Care

Information Session schedule to be posted as soon as it becomes available.


Rev 9/2015

Outcomes data from the 2011 Annual Report of Current Status has been posted on the CoARC website.  Follow this link directly to the Programmatic Outcomes Data page:

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