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What Does Daytona State Recycle?


Daytona State has always tried to reduce, re-use, and recycle wherever possible. We have many recycling initiatives on campus already which we plan to grow and develop over time. Some of the items we currently recycle include:

Additional Recycling Information

We use a special asset management organization who deal with many companies and government agencies to effectively handle their outdated or unused electronics and computer equipment at no cost to Daytona State College.

In fact, we receive money for our so-called 'e-waste'. Our 'e-waste' items will not end up in a landfill or anywhere else it does not belong! If it is not sellable then it will be de-manufactured and properly recycled all the way to the end point.

If you have old equipment that needs returning to the Information Technology department then please complete a property transfer form so that we may assist.

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Toner & Copy Cartridges
Vicki Stanley in Mail Services at Daytona State has very kindly taken on this effort and has been doing so for several years now.  You can send your cartridges via internal mail to her DB-700-102. She sells the empty cartridges back to Cartridge World of Daytona Beach and  They buy back most of the different styles and makes of cartridges we use.  As printers get older or discontinued, those cartridges that cannot be re-filled or sold back, get returned to the cartridge manufacturer who recycle them.  Cartridges that absolutely cannot be recycled go back to Facilities Services for proper disposal.

Any funds that are received from the selling of cartridges, Vicki deposits back into the general college fund.

Cartridge Recycling Instructions:
When you get a new cartridge, Save the original packaging that it came in. Do not throw away the paper work inside of the box, because sometimes the manufacturer includes a pre-paid return label. When the cartridge is empty, place it back in it's original box, and do not attach the return label (The labels need to be placed on a particular area of the box, so we will do it when they are ready for shipment). Also, please do not place empty cartridges in boxes from different manufactures.  Example: Do not put an empty Dell cartridge in a Hewlett Packard Box.   Thanks for helping us go green!

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Waste/scrap paper
To assist the custodians in getting your waste paper recycled, mark a waste can in your office specifically for paper & cardboard. Make sure it is clearly marked recycle so that the custodians know that is what it is for. Do not put any other items in there except paper/cardboard.

Recycled Scratch Pads
Alternatively, you can take scrap paper over to the copy center at DB-700-102A and they will make it into small recycled note pads for your use in the office. The copy center ask, that when sending paper for scratch pads, to please check the printed material for sensitive information and phone numbers.  They often receive material that is not appropriate and although they try to catch it. They also request the paper is not stapled, that it is one sided, and also please note the carbonless paper is unusable.

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