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Minority Scholarships

Florida Fund for Minority Teachers, Inc.

Minority Teacher Education Scholarship


Individuals who are selected for the MTES must:

  • Be a resident of the State of Florida.
  • Be a member of one of the following racial groups: African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American/Pacific Islander, or American Indian/Alaskan Native.
  • Be newly admitted into a teacher education program at any of FFMT's participating universities/colleges.
  • Be a junior and have not earned a baccalaureate degree in Education.
  • Have earned 60 credit hours or an AA degree.
  • Be seeking first Bachelors degree.
  • Have not exceeded 18 hours of upper division education courses at the time of application.


Each participating institution appoints a screening committee to review each application. The committee nominates candidates to FFMT’s administrative office, which announces its final selection each semester. Each new scholar will receive a congratulatory letter and a promissory note that must be signed and returned within 30 days of receipt. Scholars must keep a copy of the promissory note to refer to the terms and conditions of the scholarship. Scholars are selected on the basis of qualities that would indicate their potential to become good teachers. These qualities include writing ability, communication skills, overall academic performance, and evidence of commitment to the youth of America, preferably demonstrated through volunteer activities.

Special consideration is given to community college graduates.

Scholarship Awards

The annual amount of the Minority Teacher Education Scholarship is $4,000.
Awards are only disbursed during the Fall and Spring semesters, in the amount of $2,000 per semester. Students may be eligible to receive the scholarship for up to two consecutive years.


The Florida Fund for Minority Teachers, Inc. hosts an Annual Teacher Recruitment and Retention Symposium. Scholars, community college students, board members, school district representatives, and institutional contacts attend the conference each year. Conference sessions and workshops provide participants with professional development and networking skills. Community college students are invited to attend the conference to learn more about the advantages of entering the teaching profession. District recruiters from across the state use the conference as a recruiting venue.

The symposium is mandatory for all students who receive the MTES.


Students receiving the scholarship must attend the Annual Teacher Recruitment and Retention Symposiums and maintain satisfactory academic progress. The recipient's institution determines satisfactory academic progress, however for the MTES, recipients must maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average and maintain full time enrollment. Upon graduation, recipients are required to teach one year in a Florida public school for each year they received the scholarship. If recipients do not graduate within 2-3 years, or if recipients do not teach in a Florida public school, they will be required to repay the total amount of the scholarship received at an annual interest rate of eight percent (8%).


Participating colleges and universities have been selected on the basis of overall quality of the institution's teacher education program, its record of commitment to the education of minorities, and its stated goals to improve teaching in Florida's public schools.

Applicants should contact the primary contact at the participating institution for additional information on the MTES.


For Fall Semester: August 1

For Spring Semester: November 15


Before you continue to the "Apply Now" link below, please read the statements below to be sure that you qualify.  If you cannot say yes to each, then you will not qualify for the MTES and you should not continue to the application.  If you have questions about these statements, please contact your Primary Contact.  If you cannot reach your contact, please contact FFMT at (352) 392-9196.

  • I am a resident of the State of Florida.
  • I am a member of one of the following racial groups: African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American/Pacific Islander, or American Indian/Alaskan Native.
  • I am admitted/newly-admitted into a teacher education program at any of FFMT's participating universities/colleges.
  • I am a junior at one of FFMT's participating universities/colleges.
  • I have earned at least 60 credit hours or an AA degree.
  • I am seeking my first Bachelors degree.
  • I have not exceeded 18 hours of upper division education courses at the time of application.

Essay Topic

Discuss how your life experiences have impacted you to go into the field of education.

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 Leon Bradley Scholarship Program


The Leon Bradley Scholarship Program is established to encourage more minorities or persons of color to enter the teaching profession. AASPA believes that it is of benefit for all students to experience diversity among the teachers who serve as role models for our students. Thus, the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) will annually award two scholarships to assist a minority college student seeking their initial teaching certification and/or endorsement. One scholarship will be for $2000 granted for the student's final year, which includes student teaching. The second scholarship will be for $1000 granted for a minority paraprofessional career-changer in his/her final year of teacher preparation. Checks will be sent directly to the college or university to verify that the applicant is a full-time student and is pursuing a prescribed course of study for initial teacher certification and/or endorsement before applying any money to the costs.

These scholarships will be awarded to a student graduating in May or August 2013.

* Any monies not used for tuition can be applied to any other university-based expenses the student may incur.

  • Application materials will be posted on the AASPA website on February 1, 2013 and must be submitted by mail, fax or electronically to AASPA by April 13, 2013.
  • A letter from the Dean of Education or designated representative, a letter from a character reference and a transcript must be uploaded no later than the application deadline, April 13, 2013.

Applicant must reside in these states/provinces or be currently matriculating at a college or university within these states/provinces: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

General Criteria - applicants must meet each criterion.

  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent status.
  • Submit a letter from the Dean of Education or designated representative that the applicant has:
    • Attained at least junior standing as defined by the institution.
    • Met the required grade point average at the time of application to be eligible for admittance into the teacher education program.
    • Successfully completed all entrance examinations as required by the State and the institution.
  • Be a minority or person of color in one of the following categories:
    • American Indian (Native American) or Alaskan Native (A person having origin in any of the original peoples of North America and who maintains cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition.)
    • Asian or Pacific Islander (A person having origin in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent or the Pacific Islands. This area includes, for example, China, Japan, Korea, the Philippine Islands and Samoa.)
    • Black (A person, not of Hispanic origin, who has origin in any of the black racial groups of the original peoples of Africa.)
    • Hispanic (A person, regardless of race, who is of Spanish culture or origin. This includes, for example, persons from Mexico, Central or South America, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.)

Weighted Criteria - applicants do not have to meet each criterion.

  • Work experience that has been applied to college expenses.
  • Other scholarship or financial aid support.
  • Seeking initial certification and/or endorsement in a state-identified critical area.

Maintenance Criteria - recipient must meet all requirements.

  • Verified enrollment as a full-time student (as defined by the university) during the semesters receiving the scholarship.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or better each semester.
  • Continue to be enrolled in a teacher education program and be in good standing with the university as verified by a letter from the Dean of Education or designated representative.

NOTE: Maintenance Criteria verification will be scheduled between the scholarship recipient and the career services representative at the appropriate time.

Previous Recipients

  • 2012: Angela Bowman, Cleveland State University
  • 2011: Carmen Vega Rivera, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Edith Salvador, Los Angeles Technical Trade College
  • 2010: Kamika Strickland, North Carolina A&T; Brandon Gantt, Newberry College
  • 2009: Chanelle Wilson, Rowan University; Javier Salamanca, City College
  • 2008:  Dawn Marie Krein, United Tribes Technical College; Zuleima Ardila, Portland State University
  • 2007:  Amanda Tifft, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • 2006:  Lillian Prince, University of Akron
  • 2005:  Damian Armijo, University of New Mexico
  • 2004:  Malisa Cariño, University of Arizona

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