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WAC/WID Writing Fellows Program

Faculty who complete the WAC/WID Professional Development Program could be eligible for participation in the Writing Fellows Program.

The Writing Fellows Program is a unique program that offers qualified and trained students the opportunity to provide dedicated writing assistance for students of a particular course and discipline.

In addition to spending 3 hours per week in the classroom, a Writing Fellow’s duties include:

Writing Fellows will receive continuous training, support, and feedback from Writing Center staff and will complete an 11-hour training and introduction workshop series during the first week of the Fall 2013 term. For faculty who choose to participate in the Writing Fellows Program, a Writing Fellow can either be a student of their choice who has already taken and is familiar with their course OR a qualified student who is fully trained to be a Writing Fellow but who has not taken their specific course.

Please direct any questions about the 2013 WAC Writing Fellows program to Writing Fellow Coordinator, Chris Gebhardt at

Last Updated: 4/23/13