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Student Testimonials

Raymon D. Hartmann

2 years at DME this November 2013
Information Technology Help Desk Technician
November 2011 – Present (2 years 1 month) Daytona Beach, Florida

Major: Network Communications (LAN)

Daytona State College 
Internship: DME Holdings – Summer 2011
Degree: Associate of Science 
Conferred: 12/16/11

My internship began May 2011 at a company called DME in Daytona Beach, FL. DME specializes in Database Management, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Personalized URLs, Telecommunications, and Digital Media. I will admit, I was nervous when I first began my journey in the Information Technology field. After a few months, that nervousness began to fade as I acquainted myself around the company and began meeting great people at the company. During my internship, I already had a job that was taking about 30 hours per week, on-top of my 24 hours per week (160 hours total) for my internship, so you could say I was very busy during that time!
On August 2011, Danny Flores, the I.T. Infrastructure Services Manager from DME emailed me and asked if I was up for some work. Of course I said yes as I already had experience from the internship and knew most of the IT Helpdesk crew. Next thing you know, I had a transition of jobs and now work in my college field of study. Next I had my very own work computer, cubical, phone and extension, and much more. Now it felt like a real job! There is never a day I don't learn something new about computers and networking.

I would like to thank Cheryl Miller who was great in setting up my internship and staying in contact with me. I would also like to thank Danny Flores for taking me into the I.T. Department and learning a great deal of Information Technology! Taking the internship was one of the best decisions of my life.

Raymon Hartmann


Jennifer Marshall

Associate of Science - Computer Information Technology
Currently enrolled in the BS- Engineering Tech -IT

I want to thank you over and over for sending my resume to my supervisor over at the International Speedway Corporation. I’m so grateful for everything I have learned from the start at DSC. I may just be finishing up a long work day, but I’m doing what I enjoy and I look forward to each day at work. This is truly my dream job! 

I currently work at the IT Service Desk as a Systems Technician-L2, but even though I take turns with covering the phones and emails with the others, I’m enhancing each skill that will help me later on in my IT career. I’m learning something new every day with the type of environment we support. Next year, I will be traveling around to the other race tracks around the country in support of their events.

My supervisor is going to be spending a lot of time traveling around the country for the rest of this year in support of the events so my director has been spending a lot of one on one time with me to raise me up and call me the senior technician. He’s a “one minute manager” and he’s teaching me the same style. Reading that small book was one of my first tasks and it changed my life.

For my six month review it was all about the praise from what I have learned from DSC. My weakness? Confidence. But as a one minute manager, my supervisor is destined to change that and make me stronger. The way we operate is we are all responsible for each other’s success. Also, for catching each other for doing something right – and stopping to praise them for it!

I had to make a career goal, which was to learn to be part of the networking world. I had the opportunity to work with the networking team on a few small projects. I’m now assisting them with small tasks, which will make me a better candidate for when a position does open up.

I can babble on and on, but to sum it up…

Thanks again,


Jeremy Scherder
Software Engineer and Web Developer
InfiniSys Electronic Architects

Degree Associate of Science –
Computer Programming and Analysis
December 2011
Intern: InfiniSys Electronic Architects - Summer 2011
Testament: The coop program at DSC changed my life dramatically. The coop program was a stepping stone to open the doors to the job I have been working at for over 2 years now.

Julia Gottlin - Network System Technology
Associate Degree – Spring 2013
Currently enrolled BSET Degree Program
Spring 2013 – Internship – Florida Hospital

I got the wonderful opportunity to work for Florida Memorial Hospital. I learned so much about the career I had chosen as well as more about myself. This Internship allowed me to learn how to communicate to people on a different level and how to work efficiently with the time given. It was an experience that I will never forget. I still stop by to say hello to my previous Co-workers. They are a wonderful group of people.

Thank you,
Julia Gottlin

Roger Thompson
Network Services Technology
Internship – City of Daytona - spring 2013
I had the fortunate experience to complete my cooperative education course with the City of Daytona Beach, in the information technology department specifically. I worked a minor role with the help desk, but the majority of my time was spent with the network administrator. Which, for me, worked out perfectly since my major is in Network Technology Services. I was able to not only learn technical aspects of the job, but also customer service skills as well. Everyone I worked with was extremely friendly always ready to explain both, how to do the task at hand, and why we were doing it in this manner. This helped me to gain a better understanding and to give forethought into future endeavors. That internship led into a permanent position with the city of Holly Hill in their IT dept.

Buddy Stringfellow – Computer Engineering Technology
Associate of Science Degree May 2013
Internship Florida Hospital Memorial Division - PC In user Computer Specialist – Summer 2012

Hello everyone,

The morning after graduation Laura and I left on a 6 day 2300 mile road trip to get to Massachusetts. We visited family, friends, and even had Safelite replace our windshield! (Finally after 5 years). We had no contacts, family, or even a place to go in Mass. until 5/18. We arrived in Seekonk, MA just east of Providence, RI on Monday (5/20th), and stayed in a Motel 6 there for 15 days.

Laura and I have been in Massachusetts 17 days. We now have an apartment, Laura got a state job at Massachusetts Hospital school with their equine assisted therapy program, and today (6/5) I was offered a 1st shift position doing desktop support pending a background check / reference check. I also have another job for 3rd shift in the pipeline that is done remotely from home as a database service desk technician.
Estimated income, IF, I get the second job and work them both will be approx. $65k-$76k per year. If that wasn't the definition of scramble I don't know what is.

To my classmates, my suggestion is to do mass applications via or Also, write up a good cover letter to copy paste as a message. I did this on only, and I received 3 phone interviews and 2 in person interviews. In my area, near Boston, gave me about a 20% return on my applications. Things have been tough for sure but we hit the ground running.

If any of my previous classmates need some advice or if anyone else has any questions let me know. Hope everything is going well for you all and please keep in touch. If anyone is in the Boston area visiting or if you’re thinking about moving give me a call!

Buddy Stringfellow

Adnane Benkabbou - Associate of Science Degree –
Network Services Technology – May 2013
Computer Engineering Technology - May 2013
Phi Theta Kappa Graduate H
Currently enrolled BSET Degree Program

Internship at LPGA Headquarters - Spring 2013
During my internship with LPGA as an Information Technology student, I shadowed Mr. Fred Weston, the network administrator of the company, he was my mentor and under his supervision I performed various tasks and projects.
Amongst them was training to use the company’s software applications and hardware. After I got familiar with my workstation and my own personal computer, Mr. Weston started assigning me different projects every day. One of my first projects was to image a computer in the server room’s closet, and then from there it went on to updating and installing additional software and applications, in multiple computers and laptops of the company, then testing them to make sure they are running properly with tools and technical equipment they provided. I was also involved with calling the company’s venders and contractors, to follow up with work related matters. I learned a lot from those experiences and I am sure it will help me tremendously toward my career and degree of choice. After that I was assigned to add new user accounts for new hires, and received training, to coach them how to familiarize them self with them. I also ran wires from the server room to a newly added office with supervision from management, and then I deploy, configured and installed new computer desks and IP-Phones to that area, which was extremely exciting and challenging at the same time, it helped me with a much needed hands on experience for my degree in networking systems technology. I was pleased with the variety of tasks I performed during my internship, especially the friendliness of the staff and the warm welcome from all the coworkers that helped me feel comfortable.
I thank Daytona State College and specifically Ms. Cheryl Miller, for choosing for me a well-known establishment to take advantage of in pursuit of my degree and career future achievements; a great experience and skills that I think it will come in handy indeed. Thanks again

James Fischer - Network Services Technology –
Internship City of Port Orange - Spring 2013

I learned a lot from working at my internship with the City of Port Orange. I thought that I
would only be working at City Hall for the city of Port Orange but it seems that the city hall is like the top of the tree and all of the police stations, fire stations, public works, waste water plants, and warehouses are its branches. So I got to meet more people than I could imagine in 5 months and it was wonderful. The people who work for the city of Port Orange are very good people.

I would have to say that the biggest thing I learned was how communication works in a corporate or government environment. Reason being is that I have worked with clients from residential districts but as well as working in the construction field with my father; it is a very different environment. I enjoyed my time with the city of Port Orange as well as the police and fire departments. This was definitely a memorable experience.

Mariah Quinn
Rental Inspection Clerk at the City of Daytona Beach

December 2012 – Present (7 months)The majority of my past experience revolves around customer service and record keeping. Each one of the positions I've held required me to have a strong attention to detail and strong customer service skills. My qualifications include, Windows XP/7, MS Office Applications, PC Imaging, Active Directory, Group Policies, Terminal Services, Windows Server, MS Exchange Server, Call Pilot, Numara Trackit, Leightronix, and Panasonic Camera System. A/V recording and live streaming to Bright House Networks, Channel 199, of City Commission Meetings, Planning Board Meetings, all area Redevelopment Meetings for the City of Daytona Beach. Past: Audio/Video Specialist, Help Desk Rep. at The City of Daytona Beach - January 2011 – December 2012 (2 years)
Internship – City of Daytona – Spring 2011 – Network Service Technology

Name: BJ Winchester
Degree: Associate of Science Computer Information Technology - Fall 2012
COOP: IT Dept. Ladies Professional Golf Association – Summer 2012
The first day of my coop in the IT department at LPGA the entire company had started implementing their retirement of the blackberries and use of iPhones. Helping employees set up these devices and troubleshooting their problems was integral in obtaining my current job as a technical advisor of iOS devices. I love my job and am continuing my education at DSC to take the Objective C class to learn the programming language of iOS devices. This will now allow me to develop my own app.

Daniel Black – Network Systems Technology Intern – Spring 2013 Florida Department of Transportation District 5 Office
Degree: Associate of Science – Network Systems Technology Spring 2013 – Graduated With High Honors
I had the opportunity to complete my internship hours at the Florida Department of Transportation’s District office in Deland. District 5 covers Central Florida spanning 9 counties, with remote sites throughout. The internship was directly related to my college major, I was working with OIS(Office of Information Systems), also called TSSO. In fact I was working alongside several Daytona State Alumni. The OIS is a multifaceted department ranging from the Service Desk, Workstation Support, and Network Support. I was able to experience the whole big picture by spending time in each of these departments. This was a great opportunity for me to learn the way a support team handles an enterprise environment. I hope to apply at FDOT when a position becomes available.

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