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General Computing Commons Questions

Q: How do I get to the Computer Commons?

A: From the library circulation desk, go down the hallway to the main library room and turn left. Follow signs; take the stairs to Commons mezzanine area. If you need to use the elevator, as you get to the main Library area take a right, take elevator (press the 2F bottom) to second floor, exit to your left, continue left, pass the Library Research Librarian, go down the ramp and you will be entering the Computing Commons area.

Q: What can I do at the Computer Commons?

A: As a currently enrolled student you can access any of our Academic PC’s to complete curriculum related work, watch class related videos, access Online Programs, and check your email in-between classes.

In an effort to enhance our available student resources, any currently enrolled student will have access to a Dell NetBook to check out for use in the Library. The NetBook will access the Internet through DSC's FalconAir Wireless and are loaded with the latest Windows 7 and Office 2007 software.

LabCop login

Q: How do I login into a Computer Commons computer?

A1: Your login is your 6 digit student ID. Your password (if you are a new student) by default is your birthday in a 6 digit format i.e., May 26, 1986 (050686). If you have already changed your default password and don’t remember it, see one of our Techs on duty.

A2: To access the PC’s desk top you must click on the “Continue to Desktop” option located at the bottom of our policies and procedures. By doing so, you are “agreeing to abide by our Network Policies and Student Code of Conduct.”

Commons Login Policy

log off

Q: How do I log off my student account on the Computer Commons computers?

A: Before you exit the Commons area, ensure you log off the PC you have used by clicking on the icon located on your desktop.

Q: What type of software does the Computer Commons Computers offer for student use?

A: Our Commons computers are loaded with Windows 7, Office 10, iTunes, Online Programs LockDown Browser, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Q: How do I connect to the internet using my own personal laptop or a Computer Commons NetBook?

A: If your computer has wireless access capability, turn on your wireless option, click on the list of networks available, select FalconAir and click connect. Click on the Internet Explorer IE icon located on your desktop and the FalconAir wireless access login page will appear. Your FalconAir login is the same as your student portal login ID and password. See sample login picture bellow:

Falconair Login

Note:if the FalconAir login page shown above does not appear as you click on the IE browser, simply type any web address such at the Web Address Area and the login screen will appear.

Q: How do I save a document on my portable drive using your Office 2010 software?A:

  1. Click the File tab on the top left, a menu will drop down
  2. Click/select "Save As"
  3. Type the title for your document/file, make sure the file is saving in the correct location (your portable drive)
  4. Click save

This option will apply for any Office 2010application (excel, word, power point etc.) If you need assistance see area’s Tech on duty.


Q: Why isn’t my portable drive showing up on the computer?

A: In some cases when a USB device is plugged in the computer USB port, an installation window prompt appears. Please allow the installalation so that the appropriate driver is setup on the computer and your USB storage device can open properly.   Another solution is to unplug and re-plug the USB device back into the USB port located behind the monitor screen.

Q: Are there tutors or staff that can help students in class related topics?

A: No, there are no tutors at the Computer Commons area. However, for tutor assistance students can visit the Academic Support Center or College Writing Centerfor appointments or onsite assistance.

Q: What can the Tech on Duty assist me with?


Q: Can I print or make copies in the Computer Commons area?

A: Yes, Computer Commons is setup with a pay-per-print system. Print cards can be purchased at the vending machine located on the Library first floor ASC area; the cost is $1.00 per card. After purchasing a print card, money can be loaded onto the card with whatever amount you will need to pay for your printing. The cost of printing is ten cents a page. Copy machines can be found at the first floor (entrance area) next to the ATM or upstairs by the Library Research desk area.

Q: Can I save my work on the Computer Commons computers?

A: No, we recommend that work is not savedon any of the Commons computer’s. Any work saved on our computers will be deleted at PC’s reboot. We highly recommend that you purchase a saving device, such as a USB portable drive, to save all work projects created on any of our Commons computers and/or NetBooks.

Q: If I am a UCF student can I use the Computer Commons lab and all its resources (Quiet Study rooms, Netbooks and or PC’s)?

A: Yes, all currently enrolled UCF students will have access to our academic resources as follows: Students must show a valid driver’s license and a current UCF class schedule. A temporary account/pin number will be created which will expire at the end of the semester. Accounts must be renewed each semester following these same stated procedures.

Q: If I am not enrolled in classes, may I still use the Computer Commons?

A: If you are not enrolled in the current semester you will not have access to any of our Computer Commons PC’s. We do not have access for Community Patrons (regardless of whether they are alumni or past DSC students. A Patron is categorized as anyone who is not affiliated with the college, thru current enrollment or employment). A non-currently enrolled individual will only be granted temporary access to a Commons computer only to complete an Admissions/Registration and/or Financial AID application for an upcoming semester.

Note: After enrolling in a current semester class you are giving immediate access to the college's network student's portal and computer labs academic resources.

Q: I want to hold a study session. May I work with a group in the Computer Commons?

A: The Computer Commons is a Quiet Study Area; no study groups are allowed in the glassed computer room. There are three study rooms located at the Computer Commons area where students can gather in groups for study discussions. A Library tone of voice must be kept at all times so that students in neighboring rooms are not disturbed. There can also be group study sessions outside the glassed Commons “Quiet Study” room, as long as the volume of discussions is kept low.

Q: Do the Quiet Study rooms have to be reserved?

A: Yes, see tech on duty to reserve one the Quiet Study Rooms (R200A, R200B and R200C). A student ID will be required. Room can be reserved for up to two hours; if more time is needed Tech on duty will assess availability according to room’s reservation calendar. Users are asked to leave the room in clean, neat condition after using (discard all food/drink items in available garbage containers).

Q: Are children allowed at the Computer Commons Area?

A: No, according to our school policies, children are not allowed in any of our computerized areas or in any of our classrooms. They could present potential safety risks and may disturb those who are studying or working.

Q: Are food and drinks allowed?

A: Only drinks with lids are permitted in the Computer Commons area. Visitors can enjoy food in the Common Grounds Café before entering the Computer Commons.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are open the same hours as the Library:


Summer A - B

Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Friday 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Friday 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Sunday Closed


Q: How do I contact the Computer Commons?

A: A Tech will always be at the Commons desk and can be contacted by calling (386) 506-3928

Q: How do I make a complaint or suggestion?

A: Contact Yudith Day-Wygant at (386) 506-3436 or email

Last Updated: 9/20/13