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Honors College

Honors College

The Honors College at Daytona State College is dedicated to providing students with proven academic ability a broad education that prepares them for a lifetime of learning.  The Honors College is an academic program designed to give motivated students the preparation they need to accomplish their goals.  Benefits include:

Entrance Requirements

If you are a first semester student at Daytona State College, minimum requirements include:

If you are a current student at Daytona State College, minimum requirements include:

Graduation Requirements

Students who wish to graduate from the Honors College must complete the following:

Fast Track

Students who want to pursue an Honors College degree are encouraged to enroll in the QUANTA learning ommunity, where they can earn 12 of the required Honors credits in their first year of study. QUANTA students also complete their final project as part of their QUANTA classes.

Learn more about QUANTA here.

For further information, please email or call Maggie Karda, chair of the Honors College. Telephone: (386) 506-4219. Email:

Last Updated: 4/1/14