Head Coach's Testimonial

Coach ToumaI am thrilled to offer the unique opportunity of the Falcon Baseball Developmental Program to graduating seniors. My job as an educator is to provide leadership to all Daytona State College students. Through the FBDP, I feel honored to run this one-of-a-kind program available at Daytona State College.

Our program is focused on our home community of Volusia and Flagler counties first, and then nationally. Falcon Development will give young men a chance to hone their baseball skills while attending college full time.

Keep the dream alive
Tim Touma

Four Time Mid-Florida Conference Coach of the Year: 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007







Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Falcon Baseball Developmental Program?
A: The FBDP provides an opportunity for Daytona State College students to continue their pursuit of both academic and athletic excellence at the collegiate level.

Q: Why Daytona State College?
A: Daytona State College is the first community college in the state of Florida to offer a developmental program for students while pursuing an associate’s degree from an accredited academic institution.

Q: Who is eligible to join the FBDP?
A: Students enrolled with full-time status (12 or more credit hours) at Daytona State College who maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

Q: Who directs the FBDP?
A: The Director and Assistant Director of the FBDP are members of the Daytona State College Baseball Coaching Staff. The coaching staff will provide you with individualized instruction as well as the same information provided to the Daytona State Baseball Team.

Q: Why should I join the FBDP?
A: Opportunities for high school baseball players to move up to the college level are limited. An opportunity for athletes to continue playing the game, to which they have dedicated their lives, is important. The FBDP provides an opportunity for its members to receive coaching from College baseball coaches. The effort and instruction result in a positive change allowing a student to keep their dream to play college baseball alive. There is always an opportunity to advance from the FBDP to the Daytona State baseball team. Students who join the developmental team have two full years to develop. There are no cuts based on size, strength, speed, arm strength, bat speed, or ability.

Q: When do we play?
A: During the fall semester, the FBDP practices approximately five days per week after the Falcons finish usage of the baseball complex. Practices will be scheduled approximately twice per week during the spring semester. There will be regularly scheduled practices, simulated games, and scrimmages among the developmental players and the Falcon Baseball Team.

Q: How does the FBDP affect my college athletic eligibility?
A: NCAA rules provide student athletes with five consecutive years to complete four years of athletic eligibility. A student’s five years of athletic eligibility begins the first full-time semester he begins classes at Daytona State College. Students who spend two years developing and improving their abilities in the FBDP will then have three years of athletic eligibility remaining to compete at a four year college or university.

Q: How many players will be on the Developmental Team?
A: The Developmental Team roster will consist of 25-30 players. The roster will be filled on a first come/first serve basis. Once the initial 25-30 spots are filled, a waiting list will be created for players hoping to fill the roster if a spot becomes available.

Q: Where will the Developmental Players live while attending Daytona State College?
A: The Developmental Players can be grouped with other team members, who are living with similar class and practice schedules, at a local apartment complex. The players may also make their own living arrangements.

Contact: devo@DaytonaState.edu