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Athletic Training - Health & Wellness Course Offerings

HLP 1081-Fitness Assessment & Improvement
This course evaluates the student's level of fitness, then develops a program of improvement through daily exercise and instruction in the areas of nutrition, stress management and basic training techniques.
3 sem. hrs.

HSC 2400-Responding to Emergencies/First Aid
Demonstrations, practical experiences, lectures and discussions on the principles and skills essential to the individual for the care of emergencies in the home and community. Certificates in CPR and Responding to Emergencies will be issued to those individuals successfully completing the course.
3 sem. hrs.

HUN 1201-Human Nutrition
This introductory course focuses on the principles of nutrition science and how they relate to human physiology and health. Practical applications for using nutrition as part of a personal approach to wellness are emphasized.
3 sem. hrs.

PET 2084-Personal Health & Wellness
The components of fitness are blended with the presentation and understanding of information relating to nutrition, resistance training, common illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases, stress management, health care, substance abuse and managing personal lifestyles.
3 sem. hrs.

HUN 1270-Sports Nutrition
Introduces human nutrition and its relationships to athletic performance, fitness and health. Presents scientifically-based sports nutrition recommendations for the active person and the trained athlete.
3 sem. hrs.

PET 2621-Principles of Athletic Training
An introductory course to the field of athletic training. Includes information regarding career information, legal issues, conditioning, equipment emergency procedures, injury recognition, rehabilitation and pharmacology.
3 sem. hrs.

PET 2622-Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
A continuation of Principles of Athletic Training. Emphasis is on functional anatomy and the recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of specific injuries, illness and disorders that are commonly seen in the physically active population.
3 sem. hrs.

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