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Workshop Descriptions

Math-Up for MAT1033 (Intermediate Algebra): Learn the skills you need to be successful in MAT1033. Get a head start on the semester and have fun too!

Math-Up for MAT0028 (Elementary Algebra): Refine your Math skills so you can be ahead of the gAMe. Learn the math skills necessary to succeed in your MAT0028 course through engaging fun activities.

Word-Up for ENC1101 (College Composition): Expose yourself to some ENC1101 concepts. Practice needed skills for ENC1101 through interactive and fun activities.

Chem-Up (for Introductory Science Courses): Learn the study skills necessary for success in your science classes. Learn from fun experiments - explosions included. Get your very own FREE copy of the periodic table.

Tech-Up (for all students): Enter the digital realm, increase your computer and on-line skills, and enjoy some cyber- fun along the way.

***All August offerings are scheduled on the Daytona Beach Campus, Karl Learning Resources Center, Bldg. 210, Room 103B.
***All September offerings are scheduled on the Daytona Beach Campus, Baker Hall, Bldg. 500, Room 205

Last Updated: 7/9/14