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ASC Workshops on Request

Workshops on Request
Faculty members can promote learning and help students achieve their potential by providing the resources they need to become successful, independent learners with workshops in the ASC.   Contact the ASC on your campus to schedule a workshop (please provide a weeks’ notice).  

Per Request
ASC Tour
Bring your students to learn about the ASC resources that are available for free in all of our different locations.

Computer Basics
In this basic computer session, students will learn how to operate a mouse, key-board, and flash drive; open, format, create, and save a Word document; conduct a basic internet search; access and use Falconmail email; and save a document as an email attachment.

Creating PowerPoint Presentations
In this workshop, students will create simple, but professional visual presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Topics will cover how to open a PowerPoint, create a title page, insert text and graphics, download pictures from Google, insert slides, use themes, and save their work. Upon request, students will also learn about Smart Art graphics and how to include videos.

Navigating Online Programs
In this introductory presentation, students will learn how to access Online Programs and navigate the home and course page. Topics will cover how to log-in, retrieve your syllabus, submit an assignment to the Drop-box, view your grades, take a quiz, and post discussions.

In this session, students will identify skills that will help them achieve their academic goals at Daytona State College. Students will take the online LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory), an 80-item assessment of a student’s awareness of his or her learning and study skills. The LASSI is both diagnostic and prescriptive. It pro-vides you with a diagnosis of your strengths and weaknesses, compared to other college students, and it is prescriptive in that it provides feedback about areas where you may be weak and need to im-prove your knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and skills.

Word Basics
In this workshop students will learn how to write their essays in Word, including for-matting fonts, inserting page numbers, set spacing between paragraphs and more.


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