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SPN1101 Handouts

Verb: ‘Ser’

Verb: ‘Saber’ 

Verbs: Conjugation Preterit Tense

Infinitive Verbs – ending ‘ar’ 

Conjugation of ‘IR’ verbs – “e” to “i” 

Infinitive Verb Conjugation Table 

Artículo Determinado/Definite Article

Artículo Indeterminado/Indefinite Article 

Adjetivos – Formación Y Concordancia/Adjectives - Formation and Agreement

Telling Time in Spanish – Supplemental Hand-out

‘Ser’ and ‘Estar’ - Practice Quiz 

Ser and Estar – Practice Quiz

‘Ser’ – Practice Test

Verb: Ser and Gender: Nouns/Adjectives

Common Expressions with ‘Tener’

Direct vs. Indirect Object Pronouns

Indirect Object with Indirect Object Pronouns

Palabras Interrogativas (Spanish Question Words)

Sentence Creation - Graphic Organizer

Using the forms of ‘Por ’ vs ‘Para ’

Preterit/Imperfect Indicative

Free - Spanish Online Resources

Common Spanish Words

Practice Quiz

SPN - Practice Test

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