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How To Use Your Degree Audit

Your Degree Audit will show you the courses you've completed and compares it to the courses that are required for your major/program. If your major/program is not correct in our records your Degree Audit will be incorrect. To change or update your major, you will need to contact an Academic Advisor. An advisor will be able to change your major and supply you with information regarding course and program requirements. To check your major go to FalconNet Online Services and select Records & Registration and select Your Student Information Option.

How do I run the Audit?

You have to meet specific requirements (i.e. general education courses such as math, English, etc.). On your audit, it will show the various categories. If it says "Complete" you have satisfied that category and do not need to take any further courses to fulfill that requirement. If the category reads "Not Satisfied" it will show a list of courses that you can choose from to satisfy that requirement. You should print your degree audit and bring it with you when you meet with your advisor. By having that document ready, you can spend your time asking your advisor about courses and recommendations, rather than waiting for him/her to call up your records, print it out and not have the opportunity to review it.

You have a responsibility to know how to run your Degree Audit and will be required to run the Audit for yourself for many functions including Academic Advising and Applying for Graduation.
If you experience any problems running your Audit, contact the Records Office at 386-506-4468 on the Daytona Campus. They can assist if you have a problem with the audit running and if you think there is an error in the application of your courses to the program.

If you have questions about which courses you should take to fulfill requirements that you still have open, you should contact an Advisor, who can provide you with details about courses and keep you on track to your degree.

Please feel free to email an Advisor at with any questions you may have. Please email from your Falcon Mail account, make sure you include your name, student ID number and any associated information in your email. This will insure you get a response in a timely manner.

Last Updated: 6/20/13