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Dual Enrollment

Eligible students can enroll at Daytona State College to earn high school credit and college credit at the same time. Dual enrollment courses can be taken during school hours, after school, or during the summer at no cost to public high school students.

The process begins with the guidance counselors at the high school. For more information, please speak with your high school guidance counselor or speak with any Academic Advisor at your local campus.

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Program Information

Admission Requirements

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Home school students: for the purposes of dual enrollment, parents act as the high school guidance counselor.

1. Get Admitted!

Ask your high school guidance counselor and parent to complete the Dual Enrollment Approval Form. The form is available at most local public and private schools. Forms are also available in the Admissions Office on any campus. Home school students will complete their form with a parent or legal guardian and submit the home school affidavit at the time of admission.

2. Get Placed!

All dual enrollment students may be required to take a placement test. The results will help with your placement into appropriate courses to ensure your academic success. Minimum scores are required for enrollment.

Take the TABE if you plan to complete a vocational certificate program, EMT, Paramedic, or Office Support program. For all other programs take the P.E.R.T.

You may be exempt from taking all or part of a placement test if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

View the placement test schedule for locations and times.  You must be admitted (step 1) prior to taking the TABE or P.E.R.T.  More information is available from the Assessment Office.

3. Get Advised!

Take your scores back to your high school guidance counselor. Your counselor will help you select classes based upon your test scores, graduation requirements, and class schedule. The guidance counselor must complete, in full, the Course Request section of the Dual Enrollment Approval form including course #, section, meeting time/days, and signature, for each class you plan to take. The guidance counselor should put a line through each blank row of this section.

Take the completed, unaltered, form to an Academic Advisor at any Daytona State campus. The advisor will review your schedule with you and discuss your college program. In addition, Volusia and Flagler county students will receive a voucher for loaned books; private school, home school, and Daytona State Adult Education students will need to purchase their own books. More information is available from the Academic Advising office.

4. Get Registered!

Sign up for your classes in person at any campus Falcon Center.

Note: If any course on the Dual Enrollment Approval form has been marked through/course number changed, high school guidance counselor initials by the altered course are required to approve the change. Altered forms without counselor initials will not be accepted and students must return to the high school for the required approval before registering for any course(s) listed. If ANY courses on the form are non-permissible for any reason (i.e. the class is full, student is not eligible, etc.) the student will be sent back to the high school guidance counselor for schedule revisions. Students will not be registered for partial schedules. If the student cannot register for all of the courses listed on the form, they will not be registered for ANY of the courses on the form.

5. Get a Receipt!

After registration, take a copy of your schedule to your high school guidance

6.  Get an ID Card, Parking Decal and Books!

Get your student ID card and parking decal at the Campus Safety Office on any campus.  You can also get your books in person or online.  Volusia and Flagler county students must present their voucher in person; private school, home school, and Daytona State Adult Education students will need to purchase their own books.

Last Updated: 3/26/14