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Acceptable Documentation for Appeals

Please remember, the committee reviewing the appeal does not know you, and must judge the merit of your case solely on your supporting documentation and personal statement.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documents from medical providers or other third party professionals are required to verify the reasons for your appeal. Letters from family and friends supporting your claim are not acceptable documentation. You must submit originals of all documentation. It is your responsibility to keep copies for your records. Due to privacy protection, please do not submit personal medical records or other private confidential information. We encourage you to include the following supporting documentation:

  • For illness/injury or medical emergency – provide a letter(s) on official hospital letterhead signed by the attending physician explaining how your condition will prevent you from completing the course(s) you are attempting. The statement should also include the illness/injury and the services provided to the student, as well as related dates. The illness/injury must have occurred during the term for which the appeal is sought. If you are the caregiver of an immediate family member that sustained an illness/injury, a letter from the attending physician assigning you as primary caregiver must also be submitted.
  • For unforeseen emergency/natural disaster – provide a letter(s) on official letterhead signed by attorneys or other third party professionals to document and explain how that circumstance prevented you from completing the course(s), as well as related dates. If you suffered an accident, an official report of occurrence, such as a police report, should be submitted. The incident must have occurred during the term for which the appeal is sought.
  • For non-voluntary military activation – provide a copy of military orders specifying a report to duty date. Date must occur during the term in which the appeal is being sought.
  • For death or an immediate family member – provide a copy of the obituary/death certificate naming the deceased and proof of the student’s relations, such as a birth certificate. Date must occur during the term in which the appeal is being sought.

Documentation may be verified for authenticity. If it is determined that documents have been forged, disciplinary action will be taken. A student in this situation would not be allowed to file further appeals of the category in which the forgery was found. Disciplinary action may include suspension.

Personal Statement

Your written personal statement is an important component of the appeal process. Include as many relevant details as possible, and be clear and concise. Take time to think about your statement and write it well. Turn it in, with relevant supporting documentation of the circumstances, before the appeal deadline. We encourage you to consider the following guidelines for an effective personal statement:
  • Share what factors beyond your control contributed to your academic situation.
  • Explain how things are different now.
  • Describe the action you took at the time to address your academic issues.
  • Describe the action you are taking now to address the issue, and your plan going forward.
  • If you are appealing for suspension, your statement must include a detailed plan of action for how you will return to good academic standing.
  • Lack of awareness of policies or unpreparedness for college coursework will not be accepted as reasons for the purpose of an appeal.
  • The committee understands that students who are appealing want to stay on in school, feel that losing academic eligibility will be very difficult, and believe academic success means a lot to you and your family. Do not spend a lot of time discussing these factors in your statement.

For more information, email Appeals at the Question & Answer Center at If you're a current student, please email from your student email account, make sure you include your name, student ID number and any associated information in your email. This will insure you get a response in a timely manner. 

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