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Fire Science Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic requirements to get into the Fire Academy?

What is the cost of the Fire Academy?
Approximately $3,200.00 – includes tuition, lab fees, state fees, physical, bunker gear rental, uniforms, personal protective gear, books, and supplies

After I complete the Fire Academy, how do I get a job as a firefighter?
Students must successfully complete a Fire Academy and an EMT Academy (academies can be taken in any order – one is not a pre-requisite for the other) Students must successfully pass the state/national registry certification exams for both academy programs.

Can I get financial aid for the Fire Academy?
Student loans or PELL grants are not available for the Fire Academy. For scholarship information, contact the Financial Aid office at (386) 506-3015

What is the schedule for the Fire Academy?
Two 15-week academies are taught each year:
Spring (January to May) is a daytime academy – Monday through Friday 8-5 PM
Fall (August to December) is a daytime academy – Monday through Friday 8-5 PM

When are applications available?
Applications are sent out in October for the Spring classes (of the next year) and in June for the Fall class (of the same year).

To receive an application, e-mail Teresa Campbell at or call (386) 506-4203 – will need student name, mailing address, and telephone number with area code – this information goes on a mailing list for the June/October mail-outs.

To receive information regarding the EMT Academy, contact Beth Rafferty at or call (386) 506-4122.

Last Updated: 9/27/13