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Frequently Asked Questions - EMS Department

Q: Can you tell me some information about the EMS programs?

A: Information can be found in the links below:

Application information:  

EMT Program Guide with Cost

Paramedic Program Guide with Cost

EMS AS Degree Program Guide with Cost

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Tuition and Fees as of January 2017
EMT: $1,561.49
P1: $1,687.49
P2: $1,533.49
P3: $1,812.22 (This will change starting summer 2017 due to 4-semester transition)
P4: TBD summer 2017

Q: Are there any prerequisites for the programs?

A: Yes, for the EMT program you must pass the TABE entrance exam with a 10 or higher in all subjects OR meet the exemptions (see application for list of exemptions). This exam can be done through the Assessment Center at any campus.

Paramedic prerequisite is the completion of the EMT program.

Q: How do I get into an EMS program?

A: First you need to complete an application for admission to Daytona State College (if you are not a current student). You also need to complete a program application and turn it in before the semester deadline. Doing just one or the other will not grant you admission to the program.

Q: What needs to be done to get a spot in the program?

A: The ENTIRE EMS application must be completed to gain acceptance. The application must also be 100% complete before you can turn it in. All application requirements are thoroughly explained in the application packet. If the application is not complete, you will not be guaranteed a spot in the upcoming semester. Applications must be submitted to the EMS department.

Q: Where do I go to get the drug screen and fingerprints?

A: There is an instruction sheet in the application on how to order and pay for both. You will then receive email confirmation with further instruction on locations.

Q: How will I know if I am accepted into the program?

A: EMS programs are limited access programs, meaning we can only accept a set number of students each semester. Seats are given on a first come, first serve basis to those with 100% completed applications. This includes clearing all application requirements. We continue to take applications until classes are full OR the application deadline, whichever comes first. You may likely get a verbal confirmation of acceptance if you turn your application in in person. Each student that is accepted into the program will get an acceptance letter in the mail (to home address provided) immediately after the application deadline. You can find deadline information on the EMS home page.

Q: What happens if I do not get my application in before the classes are full?

A: As long as your application is complete, you will be placed on a wait list in the event a spot becomes available. If that does not happen, all of your application information will carry over and you will be guaranteed a spot in the following semester.

Q: Do the EMS programs qualify for financial aid?

A: The EMT program on its own does not. Our EMS Degree program and Paramedic program both do.

Q: Do Veterans benefits cover tuition for these programs?

A: Yes

Q: Are there scholarships available for these programs?

A: Since EMT does not qualify for financial aid, there is a scholarship available. You need to go to the scholarships link on the DSC home page ( and complete the application. The scholarship is called "The Jordan Troian Memorial Scholarship for EMT or Fire Academy".

Q: Once accepted, when will I get my class schedule, book, uniform and registration information?

A: Each semester we run a MANDATORY orientation for all students. The orientation information will be provided on the student's acceptance letter. Students receive all class information at this time.

Q: Where can I find the class schedules?

A: Schedules are unfortunately not finalized until a couple of months prior to the start of each semester. Paramedic classes run on either Volusia County Fire or Volusia County EMS friendly schedule, and change depending on the semester. The EMT program offers both a day or night time option. Classes generally run as follows, but not a guarantee and subject to change:

Day class: Lecture on a rotational schedule 8:30a.m-12:00pm
Lab on EITHER Monday and Tuesday OR Wednesday and Thursday from 1pm-5:30pm

Night class: Lecture on Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-9:30pm
Lab on Monday and Wednesday from 6pm-10:30pm

All clinical shifts are scheduled on your own free time.

Q: When do I register and pay for classes?

A: Students cannot register for classes on their own until they have completed the EMS orientation. Attempts to register prior will lead to being "locked out" of your account. Once students are granted permission to register, the system will then generate a due date. You can pay in full or contact Student Accounts to discuss a payment plan option.

Q: The flu shot is mandatory for the fall semester, but is not available yet, can I still get into the program?

A: Yes. We are aware that the requirement for fall is difficult to meet prior to the deadline. We let students enter this semester only without the flu vaccine. They will be given a deadline at the start of the semester to get their flu shots completed by.

Q: Are there any exceptions in regards to the fingerprints and drug screen?

A: Yes, as explained in the application packet, some exceptions do apply:

Active Duty Military and Active Reservists are exempt from fingerprints, drug screen, physical exam and immunization records with copy of Military ID.Veterans with honorable discharge within 3 months are exempt from fingerprints, drug screen and physical exam with copy of DD214.Florida Concealed Carry Permit holders are exempt from fingerprints only if license was obtained within the last 3 months.Students who are currently employed by an EMS agency may submit a letter from their HR department (on agency letterhead) clearing them of fingerprints, drug screen and physical. IMMUNIZATION RECORDS MUST STILL BE COMPLETED.Students that have completed fingerprints and drug screen for a different program may submit results as long as they are within 3 months.

Q: Are there EMS classes offered at all campuses?

A: No, the EMS classes are only offered at the Advanced Technology College in Daytona.

Q: Can I pre-order books and uniforms before being accepted?

A: No, we highly recommend you do not order anything until acceptance is guaranteed.

Q: Where do I get forms notarized?

A: You can go to any location that offers notary services in the county.

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