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Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Application Information

Q: Where can I get scholarship applications?
A: Students can apply for Daytona State Foundation scholarships online. Click here to apply.

Q: Can high school seniors who plan to attend Daytona State apply for scholarships?
A: Yes, if they meet the requirements of the scholarships.

Q: Do I have to be a full-time student to apply for scholarships?
A: No, unless specified by the scholarship requirements.

Q: How can I get information about Foundation scholarships?
A: Scholarship announcements are posted on the Daytona State Web site and on notice boards campus-wide.

Q: How many scholarships can I receive?
A: You can only receive one Daytona State Foundation Donor scholarship per semester.
: You may forfeit a scholarship if your eligibilty changes after the scholarship has been awarded.

Q: Who can apply for a scholarship?
A: Anyone who meets the requirements listed in the scholarship posting.

Last Updated: 1/31/13