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Reinstatement Procedures

Student Procedure

1. Students who were dropped from a class and wish to be reinstated must meet the following criteria:

a. Student must have been registered in the course prior to the add/drop date and subsequently dropped due to: purge for non-payment, class roll, or other process.

b. Student must document why the original drop occurred (see Reinstatement Form)

i. Administrative error documented by a signed statement from the director/department chair of the department that caused the error may be reinstated.

ii. Extenuating circumstances approved by the Vice President of Student Services or Dean of Enrollment Management will be processed. Documentation is required.

iii. If dropped from the class by the instructor for Non-Attendance, the signature of the instructor is required for reinstatement.

iv. If dropped from the class for non-payment, the signature of the instructor and chair is required for reinstatement.

c. Student must have the Financial Aid Office and/or the Student Accounts Office sign a Reinstatement Form or provide a statement that the student has money on account and will not be dropped for non-payment once reinstated.

d. Student must have a signature from the instructor (or Chair) of each course in which they are re-enrolling, indicating that they have been attending the section and have permission to get back into the course.

e. Reinstatements may not be processed after the midpoint of the subsequent semester (I-grade deadline published in the catalog).

f. If reinstatement is after grades have been submitted, each instructor must also deliver a memo to the Records Office (not via the student) that indicates what grade the student should receive. 

g. The completed and signed Reinstatement Form (along with any applicable documentation) must be returned to the Question & Answer Center no later than five (5) business days from the date requested.


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