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Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the College’s mission by facilitating a comprehensive effectiveness process as well as providing leadership for College-wide planning efforts, resource development, institutional research, and international affairs.

Thomas LoBasso, Ed.D.
Senior Vice President Student Development & Institutional Effectiveness
Daytona State College 
(386) 506-3732 Bldg. 100/413F 

Nancy B. Morgan, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President
Institutional Effectiveness
Daytona State College
386-506-4579 Bldg. 100/413C

Melissa Kirwan
Administrative Assistant II
386-506-3904 Bldg. 100/413A

Academic Assessment and Planning

Karla Moore, Ph.D.
386-506-3650 Bldg. 100/413D

Global Education and Affairs

John Brady
Manager I
386-506-3837 Bldg. 100/224S

Vida Renaud
Staff Assistant
386-506-3141 Bldg. 100/224R

Institutional Research

Susan Antillon
386-506-3656 Bldg. 100/413J

Annette James
Institutional Research Analyst II
356-506-3035 Bldg. 100/413H

Robert Stanley
Institutional Research Analyst I
386-506-3439 Bldg. 100/413I

Cassandra Wilmore
Institutional Research Analyst II 
386-506-3691 Bldg. 100/413L

Resource Development

Colleen Curry
Administrative Assistant I
Bldg. 100/224H

Brianna Gray
Coordinator III
386-506-4459 Bldg. 100/224I

Mary Rhodes
Coordinator III
386-506-3523 Bldg. 100/224F

Theodore J. Sofianos, Ph.D.
Director II
386-506-3103 Bldg. 100/226A

Loretta Wilary
Coordinator III
386-506-3481 Bldg. 100/224

Last Updated: 4/25/13