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Student Employment Opportunities

How to apply for on – campus student employment job opportunities:

On each job advertisement there will be a named “CONTACT” .  This contact should be contacted according to the indicated “Method of Contact” to set-up an interview. 

Jobs can be located on any of the college campuses. On each advertisement particular attention should be paid to the “CAMPUS”.  This indicates the particular Daytona State College campus the job assignment would be located.

Job Title: Student Support Tech
Department:  Academic Support Center
Campus: Daytona Beach 
Funding: FWS and IWS
Hours per week: 6 to20 
Pay per hour: $ 7.93 
Times needed: 8a - 9p Mon - Thurs; 8a - 8p Fri; 9a - 2p Sat (Flexible)     

Contact: Mindy Brodsky
Method of contact: By phone 386-506-3445, by email or in person Bldg. 500 Rm. 105.

Purpose of job: To assist all visitors and staff of the Learning Commons.


1. Assist students and staff with knowledgeable technical support, including but not limited to Microsoft Office Suite, Falcon Online navigation, and other DSC technology-based resources.
2. Troubleshoot computer-related issues, printers, monitors and related computer operating systems.
3. Inform students of the Learning Commons services and resources and refer them appropriately.      
4. Assist students and staff with sign-in/out procedures and pay-for-print processes.  
5. Assist students with equipment checkouts and maintain logs.
6. Perform other duties relevant to the job as assigned.
7. Commute within the main campus and to College's branch campuses as needed.
8. Participate in the maintenance and cleanliness of the service area.
9. Staff the Student Help Desk phone lines as needed.
10. Greet all visitors to the Learning Commons in a helpful manner. Answer phones politely, route calls appropriately and take messages when necessary.
11. Act in a manner that supports the College’s customer-first policy.  

Job Qualifications: 

Job Title: Office Assistant
Department: Academic Advising
Campus: Daytona Beach
Funding: FWS
Hours per week: 20 
Pay per hour: $ 7.93 
Times needed: 8am-6:30pm Mon-Wed (flexible), must be able to work Thursdays to 6:30 and Fridays 12-5

Contact: Ms. Dolores French
Method of contact: By phone 386-506-3043, or in person in Bldg. 100 annex Room #105

Purpose of job: To provide assistance to the Academic Advising reception desk & office.


  1. To provide assistance to the Academic Advising reception desk & office.
  2. Retrieve messages from voicemail, answer basic questions, photocopy, assemble materials, filing, collate, run errands on campus, stock brochure racks, and bulk mailings.
  3. Greet students, assess their needs and refer to academic advisor or appropriate departments.
  4. Other duties relevant to the job, as requested.

1. Job Qualifications: 

Job Title: Note Taker, Reader, Scribe
Department: SDS/Auxiliary Learning Aid
Campus: Daytona Beach, DeLand, Deltona, New Smyrna, 
Funding: FWS and IWS
Hours per week: Up to 20 
Pay per hour: $ 7.93 
Times needed: 8am-5pm Mon-Friday - (Flexible)    Some Evenings possible

Contact: Mrs. Cindy McAvoy
Method of contact: By phone 386-506-3238, by email or in person in Bldg. 100 annex Room #108

Purpose of job: To assist students on a daily basis to become academically successful.


1. Take legible notes in class, read classroom materials and tests, scribe/type for disabled student.
2. May be assigned to do interim note taking should the disabled student's notetaker by absent; may also be assigned as a reader for testing purposes.
3. Maintain confidentiality at all times regarding student, office records, and information.
4. Perform all tasks with a friendly, professional work attitude at all times.

Job Qualifications: 

Job Title: Computer Technician
Department: IT Resources Support
Campus: Daytona Beach 
Funding: FWS
Hours per week: 20 
Pay per hour: $ 7.93 
Times needed: 8am-9pm Mon - Fri  (Flexible)

Contact: Mr. Dave Tatum
Method of contact: By phone 386-506-3887, by email or in person in Bldg. 300 Room #131

Purpose of job: Maintain and install computing equipment and perform related office duties.


1. Maintains computer equipment assuring that equipment is properly cleaned and is operational.
2. Provides assistance to College staff on computer software programs and the College network.
3. Assists with maintaining appropriate labs inventory.
4. Work at the Helpdesk and provides general information about departmental activities.
5. Reviews, provides, and distributes information from files and records as appropriate.
6. Assists with computer deployment projects, also day to day technical maintenance.
7. Assists with computer configuration or repairs and special projects or tasks.
8. Assists with tracking computer usage and reporting tasks.
9. Other duties relevant to the job as necessary.      

Job Qualifications: 

Job Title: Lab Assistant
Department: Physical Science
Campus: Daytona Beach 
Funding: FWS
Hours per week: 20 
Pay per hour: $ 7.93 
Times needed: 8am- 5pm Mon - Thurs, Fri 8am-11am  (Flexible)

Contact: Mrs. Judy Mason
Method of contact: By phone 386-506-3762, by email or in person in Bldg. 410 room #246 

Purpose of job: To prepare, set-up, breakdown chemistry laboratory experiments.


1. Assist in the preparation (locating materials and equipment) and setting up Science Labs.              
2. Knowledge and use of first aid equipment and all safety procedures including location and use of SDS - Safety Data Sheets in Science Prep Room.      
3. Responsible for keeping work areas clean and spill free.
4. Use of computer for documentation and inventory purposes.      
5. Responsible for keeping lab classrooms and prep area clean and organized.
6. Run errands, picking up instructional videos, copied materials, items from store.
7. Responsible for reporting to the Science Lab Manager any problems pertaining to Science Labs.
8. Assist in maintaining inventory supplies and equipment.             

Job Qualifications: 

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