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Student Employment Opportunities

How to apply for on-campus student employment job opportunities:

  • On each job advertisement there will be a named "Contact." This contact should be contacted according to the indicated "Method of Contact" to set-up an interview.
  • Jobs can be located on any of the college campuses. On each advertisement particular attention should be paid to the "Campus." This indicates the particular Daytona State College campus the job assignment would be located.

Job Title:  Front Desk Assistant
Department:  Career Services
Campus Location:  DB                   
Funding:  FWS

Hours per week:  20
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times Needed:  8am - 5pm Mon-Fri  (Flexible) May include some evenings

Contact: Mr. Dean Howe
Method of contact:  In person building 100 room 205 or email 
Purpose of job:  To assist Career Services staff and cover the front desk area.


  1. Provide exemplary customer service and screening as a receptionist.         
  2. Computer usage in scheduling appointments and accessing all staff schedules, various projects using MS Word, and Excel.
  3. Greet students, answer phones, retrieve messages, answer basic questions, return phone calls, photocopy, assemble materials, run campus errands and stock supplies.
  4. Screen and direct students to appropriate staff, departments or informational materials.
  5. Post jobs on campus.
  6. Work with staff on targeted projects.
  7. Keep bulletin boards up to date, keep reception area and lobby areas clean.
  8. Enter basic information into databases.
  9. Enter basic information into databases.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Must be able to work under demanding and sometimes stressful situations
  • Must demonstrate maturity, dependability and possess excellent communication skills
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality
  • Able to work independently and professionally with little supervision.
  • Must possess strong computer skills, basic clerical skills and excellent telephone etiquette.
  • Exhibit punctuality.

Posted: March 20, 2017

Job Title: Lab Assistant
Department:  Biological/Physical Sciences
Location:  Deland Campus               
Funding: FWS

Hours per week:  8
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times Needed:  8am - 5pm  Mon-Fri  (Flexible)

Contact: Dr. Carole Conway
Method of contact:  (386) 785-2057, bldg. 5 rm. 207,
Purpose of job:  Assist with upkeep and set up of science labs.


  1. Make chemical reagents.
  2. Clean glassware and science labs.
  3. Set up and put away supplies for lab experiments.
  4. Maintain order and cleanliness of the labs.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Must have an interest background in science
  • Have a desire to learn
  • Must be able to follow oral and written directions precisely
  • Must be dependable and responsible in work habits
  • Must be detail oriented in work performed
  • Must be punctual

Posted: Feb. 22, 2017

Job Title: Office Assistant
Department:  Admissions
Location: DB            
Funding: FWS or IWS

Hours per week:  20
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times Needed:  8am - 6:30pm  Mon-Fri  (Flexible)

Contact:  Ms. Beth Hoodiman
Method of contact:
Purpose of job:  To provide assistance to students and staff of the Admissions Office.


  1. Sort/distribution of incoming mail, mailouts, and photocopying.
  2. Answering and directing phone calls.
  3. Assist students with general direction and referral to the appropriate staff members.  
  4. Other duties relevant to the job as assigned by supervisor.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Must dress appropriately for an office environment
  • Must be dependable, reliable, and possess interpersonal skills
  • Must act in a professional manner when interacting with students and staff
  • Must maintain confidentiality of documented information in student files
  • Must be confident in public speaking and guiding DSC visitors/families on campus tours

Posted: Feb. 15, 2017

Job Title: Peer Tutor  
Department:Writing Center
Location:  Flagler/Palm Coast and New Smyrna campuses            
Funding:  FWS or IWS

Hours per week:  up to 20
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times Needed:  8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mon - Fri  (Flexible)

Contact: Ms. Kristen Bales
Method of contact:  (386) 506-3034, bldg. 200 rm 107A,
Purpose of job:  To clarify writing-related subject matter through one-on-one or small group tutoring.


  1. Tutor writers at any level of proficiency on any type or stage of writing.
  2. Arrive and begin tutoring sessions daily and on time.
  3. Write post-tutoring reports in TutorTrac. 
  4. Review resources as requested or when not seeing any clients.    
  5. Actively participate in trainings and meetings by asking questions and brainstorming solutions.
  6. Assist students with quick-help computer needs (i.e. printing, copying, MS Word troubleshooting, etc.)  
  7. Bring questions or concerns about sessions to the Associate Director, Coordinator, or Writing Specialists.   
  8. Assist the Writing Center staff with other tasks as needed.
  9. Work on Writing Center relevant projects/tasks during down time

Job Qualifications: 

  • Ability to explain writing concepts to help clients improve their writing skills
  • Have an interest in writing and be familiar with academic writing conventions, including citation styles, grammar, and organization
  • Must be empathetic, caring, and able to respond appropriately to client's stress about writing
  • Have fundamental digital literacy; preferably knowledgable of MS Office, relevant academic software, and DSC technology-based resources like FalconOnline
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must possess good time management skills

Posted: Jan. 17, 2017

Job Title: Dishwasher
Department: Ancillary - Café 101
Location:  DB            
Funding:  FWS

Hours per week:  up to 20
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times Needed:  11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri  (Flexible)

Contact:  Mr. Rick Knipple
Method of contact:  (386) 506-3986, Bldg 1200 rm 138,
Purpose of job:  To clean and sanitize all dishes for culinary labs and Café 101 restaurant.  


  1. Ability to operate dish washing machine to company and manufactures specifications.
  2. Uses proper measurements of detergent and sanitizer in the dish washing machine.
  3. Re-stock all dishes, glassware, utensils, pots and pans.
  4. Removes / takes out garbage.
  5. Break down, clean, and sanitize dish machine at end of shift.
  6. Keeps dish and other storage areas clean and organized
  7. Other duties relevant to the job requested by the Sous Chef, Chef Intructors or Dean

Job Qualifications: 

  • Knowledge of basic sanitary guidelines
  • Knowledge of basic dish machine operations
  • Must be able to hear with 100% accuracy with correction
  • Must be able to see 20/20 vision with correction
  • Ability to communictae effectively with co-workers and managers

Posted: Jan. 11, 2017

Job Title:  Student Support Tech
Department: Academic Support Center
Location:  DB            
Funding:  FWS or IWS

Hours per week:  up to 20
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times Needed:  8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Mon-Thurs; 8am - 5pm Fri; 9am-2pm Sat (Flexible)

Contact:  Mindy Brodsky
Method of contact:  (386) 506-3445, bldg. 500 rm 105,
Purpose of job:  To assist all visitors and staff of the Learning Commons


  1. Assist students and staff with knowledgeable technical support, including but not limited to Microsoft Office Suite, Falcon Online navigation, and other DSC technology-based resources
  2. Troubleshoot computer related issues, printers, monitors and related computer operating systems.
  3. Inform students of the Learning Commons services and resources and refer them appropriately.
  4. Assist students and staff with sign-in/out procedures and pay-for-print processes.
  5. Assist students with equipment checkouts and maintain logs.
  6. Greet all visitors to the Learning Commons in a helpful manner.
  7. Answer phones politely, route calls appropriately and take messages when necessary.
  8. Act in a manner that supports the College's customer-first policy.
  9. Perform other duties relevant to the job as assigned.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Advanced knowledge of computers, latest desktop software (especially Microsoft Office Suite), web browsers, and DSC technology-based resources (i.e. Falcon Online, FalconNet, Learning Commons webpages).
  • Excellent customer service skills and possess a professional and welcoming demeanor.
  • Organized and able to handle general office tasks.
  • Have the ability to work with students with diverse personalities, backgrounds, and skill levels.
  • Demonstrate good time management skills, a professional demeanor, and a diligent attitude.
  • Be punctual, reliable, and conscientious.

Posted: Dec. 14, 2016

Job Title:  IT Falcon-AID Kiosk Tech           
Department: IT Falcon-AID
Location:  DB                        
Funding: FWS and IWS

Hours per week: 20           
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times needed:Mon. - Thurs. 7:30am - 5 pm, Fri. 8am - 5pm, Sat. 8am - 4pm, Flexible

Contact:  Mrs. Yudith Day-Wygant
Method of contact: (386)506-3436, in person bldg. 300 rm. 108, email
Purpose of job:  To assist IT Service Desk Mgrs. and Coordinators to support the college community (students, faculty and staff) in person and over the phone with technical issues related to DSC's Technology and Academic Environment.


  1. To staff the Falcon-AID Help Desk Kiosk and assisting with walk-ins, phone lines, and emails.
  2. Provide basic IT support and direction to students/faculty/staff using DSC's resources.
  3. Accept technical support calls and e-mails to the IT Falcon-AID and Falcon Online and log them using our IT Service Desk SR (Service Request) Tracking System.
  4. Assist Student/Faculty/Staff with smart devices setup to access DSC's WI-FI & college resources.
  5. Interact with DSC's administrators, faculty and staff to assure prompt delivery of services and respond to needs under supervisors guidance.
  6. Forward technical support walk-ins, email or phone calls that can not be resolve to the appropriate IT Service Desk area/technician.
  7. Reports IT related issues that may arise to supervisor as needed.
  8. Maintain proper working order and cleanliness of equipment at Falcon-AID Kiosk area.
  9. Assist Coordinator and Managers with other duties related to the position as needed.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Must be a pursuant of a degree in any Computer Technology field
  • Advanced knowledge of computers, latest desktop software, operating systems, web browsers, software, hardware and smart devices. Some networking experience is helpful 
  • Familiar with navigation of all academic related web sites i.e.; MyPS and FalconOnline
  • Able to communicate well with students/faculty/staff
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions along with excellent customer service skills
  • Reliability is a must

Posted: Nov. 9, 2016

Job Title:   Note Taker, Reader, Scribe
Department:  Student Disability Services
Location:   DB, NS, Flag, ATC                      
Funding:  FWS or IWS

Hours per week:  up to 20
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times Needed:  8 a.m - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri  (Flexible) Evenings possible 5pm-9:20pm   

Contact:  Mrs. Cindy McAvoy
Method of contact:  (386)506-3354 bldg/ 100 Annex rm 108,
Purpose of job: To assist students on a daily basis to become academically successful.


  1. Take legible notes in class, read classroom materials and tests, scribe/type for disabled student.
  2. May be assigned to do interim note taking should the disabled student's notetaker be absent; may also be assigned as a reader for testing purposes.
  3. Maintain confidentiality at all times regarding student, office records, and information.
  4. Perform all tasks with a friendly, professional work attitude at all times.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Must have Completed ENC1101 with a "C", and a minimum of MAT0028 with a "C"
  • Punctuality and dependability in attendance of assigned classes
  • Completion of all required employment documents prior to beginning employment if selected for the position
  • Must provide at least one faculty reference
  • Completion of contact form for each assigned session
  • Professional business attire; no jeans, shorts, or flip flops

Posted: Sept. 26, 2016

Job Title:  Lab Assistant       
Department:  Physical & Biological Science
Location:   NSB Campus                  
Funding:   FWS or IWS

Hours per week:  5 - 12     
Pay per hour:  $8.10
Times Needed:8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Mon-Fri  (Flexible)

Contact:   Mrs. Jennifer Ayala
Method of contact: (386) 423-6318, bldg. 2 rm 107,
Purpose of job:   To prepare, set-up, break down Science Laboratories.


  1. Assist in the preparation (locating materials and equipment) and setting up Science Labs.
  2. Assist in maintaining materials, supplies, and equipment used in Labs.
  3. Assist in maintaining inventory supplies and equipment.
  4. Knowledge and use of first aid equipment and all safety procedures including location and use of MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets in Science Prep Room.
  5. Responsible for keeping work areas clean and spill free
  6. Responsible for reporting to the Science Lab Manager any problems pertaining to Science Labs.
  7. Use of  computer for documentation and inventory purposes.
  8. Responsible for keeping Lab classrooms and Prep area clean and organized.
  9. Run errands, picking up instructional materials, copied materials, items from store

Job Qualifications: 

  • Must have completed both BSC 1010 and/(or be enrolled) in Chemistry 1025; completed MCB 1010 Microbiology, preferred
  • Must be able to safely work with chemicals.
  • Must be able to follow both oral and written instructions
  • Must be able to bend carry, lift and climb
  • Must be present, punctual, and able to perform the assigned duties
  • Must wear proper safety protection when working in the lab.

Posted: Aug. 22, 2016

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