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Contractor Certificate of Pre-Qualification

In accordance with Daytona State College Procedure 808, it is required that all construction contractors be pre-qualified based on rules prescribed by the “State Requirements for Educational Facilities”. The process for pre-qualification of construction contractors is held once a year  in the month of April.  The certificates issued are valid  for one-year from July 1st – June 30th.

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General Contracting firms who wish to submit proposals or bids for Daytona State College projects must hold a current “Certificate of Pre-Qualification”. All applications are due by noon on May 12th.

 ***PLEASE NOTE:  Only one (1) e-mail can be used to notify the firm of any RFQs, RFPs or ITBs.  What some firms do is setup a distribution list e-mail (i.e. so they can add or remove e-mails internally to that list. That way if someone leaves the company, the notifications are still being received.


Contractor Pre-Qualification Application (for applicants not currently holding a valid certificate)

Contractor Pre-Qualification Re-Application (for applicants who previously held a valid certificate that expired June 30, 2014)


Daytona State College Current Contractor Pre-Qualification Certificate Holders

When received the Contractor Pre-Qualification Committee reviews the application and makes its recommendation to the District Board of Trustees. After the Board approves the recommendation the signed Certificate is issued.


Last Updated: 4/16/14